Get To Know Me

Nzuri N* Simplicity, is where everyone should be.

Nzuri means beautiful in Swahili. I believe expressing one’s beauty should never be complicated. It’s as simple as being yourself. Hence the name Nzuri N* Simplicity. As a young child I struggled with my appearance, as many girls do. Encouragement and guidance from my mother, grandmother, and aunties helped build my sense of self worth and gave me the confidence to explore and create my own personal style. Hopefully, by sharing my own fashion sense, I can inspire and motivate other young ladies to see their own beauty. We all are beautiful: inside and out. It is not a metaphor. It is the truth.

A little about me! I am 4”11, over 45 years of age, a wife, mother, sister and shopping enthusiast. I love all aspects of fashion from jewelry to my favorite, which is SHOES!!!! I am a shoe fanatic and shopaholic; the right shoe makes me feel wonderful. Dressing up to express who I am is always a rush for me and I look forward to you joining me on this journey. This will be my second style blog and I’m excited to begin again. I enjoy viewing the many other fashion blogs out there and am looking forward to rejoining that community. I am a huge fan of those who boldly step out of their comfort zones to express themselves.

Nzuri. We are simply beautiful! -Shugunna