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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

Hello nzuri!

I hope you had a wonderful week.

I recently was thinking about iconic fashion and how sometimes we don’t think about the people whom influence us that are closer yet we look at celebrities.

Well, not today! I want to talk about this beautiful, stylish looking woman; my grandmother. You’ve heard me talk about her before, her stlye was fearless and uncompromising; she embraced her beauty and inspired me to do the same. Although I met her at the age of 33, she was such an inspiration and I fell in love with her impeccable style and personality immediately. She loved camouflage as I do too and she wore it well! She loved to shop, like me too; we have so much in common.

Petite and small but a powerhouse, you didn’t mess with grandma. Her hair was as soft as cotton and her laughter was a nice carefree gesture.

Yes, I’m talking about her in the past tense because the day after Mother’s Day this year, she passed. I miss knowing that at any time I could hear her laughing and just the thought of her being around made me happy.

Grandma although little in stature was tough as nails, I loved her spirit and her ability to make sure that we were all good people in some way. And her sense of style was impressive 💗 She was/is a stlye icon.



        She was absolutely beautiful and she looked so happy! I never had the pleasure of meeting my Grandmother but I found out recently I’m alot like her 💕💕 Such a blessing you had to have time with her. I’m sorry for your loss my friend!

        • Shugunna

          Thanks Arnetta, she really is inspirational and so missed. You are a wonderful and beautiful lady so if you’re like your grandmother, what a blessing to have met you🥰

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