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Brown Sugar….. Body Scrubs

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Hello nzuri!

I hope you are having a lovely day. I wanted to drop in for a quick review post, not sponsored; but definitely a must share. You know, when you find something that works for #selfcare, you must tell!💓

Remember when I told you about my eczema and the flare ups? Well many times this keeps me from trying different products, especially those with fragrance. Well, I was talking to my husband about the dark spots on my elbows and knees, so of course being the thoughtful person he is, decided to do some research; like he does on everything before purchasing. Low and behold he found this brown sugar scrub that is supposedly good for all types of skin.

Let me tell you, at first I was skeptical because normally when a product says it’s sensitive, it usually isn’t and I flare up immediately. So, yes I was optimistic, then I tried it. This scrub feels so nice once you get past the graininess and the oils smell so good. I honestly love it and no flare ups!!! I’m hooked.

I went through the jar immediately, I can’t wait until he gets me more. You should definitely try it, you’ll be amazed…

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by and keep styling you unapologetically 💞