Ageless Style Linkup: Outfit Challenged…

The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.

-Randy Pausch

Hello Nzuri,

It’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s the Ageless Style Linkup! ASL is where 10 women over the age of forty, come together with a monthly theme and each interprets that theme in their own look. This month was my turn, theme: outfit challenges. My thought process behind this was how I’ve purchased clothing or shoes with the intentions of creating a great look, yet some items never see daylight or I’ve only worn them once and they return to the back of the closet.

Have you done this? Of course you have, you see something online or in your favorite retail store maybe on sale and you think, this will look great with those pants or skirt! I’m so guilty of this… 

Outfit Details:

I purchased these laced-up white denim pants over 3 years ago, I really fell in love with them when I first saw them online; figured they’d be great for date night. They are stretchy, seductive, edgy and fun yet I could never see a particular blouse that would pair well to show them off like I wanted. The pants are very fitted, a little thin and the lace straps run straight up to the waistline (they can be adjusted to size); so trying to fine that great pairing without looking sleazy (in my eyes) seemed challenging. So I let them sit for a while, repeatedly telling myself “summer is coming and I’m sure they’ll be something great you could pair with them”.

So, with this challenge, I went in deeper to my closet and found this little blue peep hole body shirt, this has been sitting in my closet for a year and a half now as well (new)! As I was pulling the shirt out of the closet, my little fashionista immediately said “that’s the look mommy, you should wear those together”! And with that little girls encouragement, these pants are revived, funny right! I could easily put a little leather jacket on with it in the fall as well to give it a more funkier look, but it was just too warm for that today.

I love the look and totally kicking myself for overthinking it the way I did. Style is suppose to be fun and an expression of you; as I say “DO YOU UNAPOLOGETICALLY”. I need to follow my own advice.  

Oh, before I go sending a huge shout out to Daenel over at Living Outside The Stacks, we are starting her Shoe Saturday back up at the end of each month; featuring our favorite shoe styles. I missed this past Saturday with my inopportune break last week, so I wanted to thank her for being patient with me! Don’t forget to drop bye to see some fabulous shoe styles.

Ok, enough about me, let’s hop over to the other ladies blogs and see what they’ve dug up in their closets as challenges. Until next time nzuri, take care of yourself and family; remember we are all in this together and we will get through… Also, keep styling you unapologetically.

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