Spring Fling: Cheerful Plaid & Black/White Cozy Sweater

“The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it”

James Baldwin

Hello nzuri!

I love this qoute! It is so me. I read it recently in an Oprah Magazine article, yes I am an Oprahian follower. I truly admire her work, the determination that she’s shown to move forward regardless of her past with her inspiration and encouragement, is awh inspiring. My dream is to one day have a conversation with her, yes, one day I will speak with Oprah; sending it into the universe.

Coincidentally, my mother in-love and I came across this same qoute and we both thought of me, how funny is that. She’d recently text me stating this qoute and how it reminded her of me, pretty cool right. I think I’ve told you how she is so uplifting and one of my Sheroes!

Shoe Change…

“You were not born to fit in, but to stand out” RuPaul

My OOTD features some cool plaid pants and black/white detailed sweater.

I was really unsure about the mock neck, color block sweater at first as I have muscular arms and certain fitted sweaters or blouses make them look extra dramatic. So, I tend to overthink what looks good on them or not. I really liked this sweater though, so took that leap and purchased it from here. The shoulder line and arm strip are my favorite. The fit is light and feminine, an easy spring transitional style.

The plaid pants are old, worn here, they fit totally the way I like them and are completely relaxed. Both contrasting colors from the black and white to the yellow, red and white plaid was very energetic. Love all the colors together.

I decided to share both shoe choices as I liked the yellow sandal heel idea as well. Can you see my fantastic flower on my yellow heels? They are gorgeous right!

Imagine your world nzuri, create your reality and believe in yourself and your life can be amazing!! Do you, that’s what counts the most…

As always, thanks for coming over, never forget to style you unapologetically!♥️


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