From Day to Night: Cap-able Fashion

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello nzuri!

No matter fall or winter a cape look can be pulled off both effortlessly and flawlessly. Both of these featured capes have been staple pieces in my wardrobe for some years now.

The open front, multi colored cape above was purchased from here, it is so sophisticated and a fun item to style. I’ve worn with monicromatic looks, like all mustard, green, blue and of course all black. The faux leather pants below were styled with a short sleeved blouse and long sleeved leather gloves for a seamless look. Or we can keep it simple like above and toss over an oversized sweater with knee high boots; the quality of the cape really is all you see.

Love to live and live to love…

This cranberry, button over cape with leather belt was a gift on one of my birthdays, from a coworker a while ago, she is such a classy lady. So imagine my excitement to be gifted such a wonderful gift. Every time I wear the cape, people ask where I purchased from, really wish I knew. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask because that’s just not what you do when receiving a gift and we’ve been out of contact since we have changed jobs.

So, do you like capes and how many do you have? Tell me about it..

Unapologetic about…

Having my children at a young age. Although having my first two children at age 19 and 21 wasn’t the ideal plan, in the long run, it was my saving grace. God only knows where I’d be without becoming a mother so young; remember I was wild and free. Yes, I made some mistakes along the way and taking care of them financially became harder as they got older; but I enjoyed learning each one and seeing their personalities develop along the way, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks for stopping by nzuri, until next time; keep styling you unapologetically!

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