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“Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Keep fighting for your dreams!” ~ Gabby Douglas

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Hello nzuri!

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about what I do regarding the blog and exploring the YouTube venture. While in conversation, they seemed puzzled as to why I was doing it all; which made me a little tiffed. Then, I kicked myself, I knew better than to share this information with this person. Not that they’d put me down yet they just didn’t get a lot of the things I do. So, I became quiet and then just stated because I’m doing what feels good to me and as of right now, I like doing it all. They became quieter and started on another subject.

I was OK with this, moving on, I also had to take my own advice that I’d give my children regularly; you can’t share your dreams with everyone and everyone isn’t going to cheer you on. Possibly because they are or were afraid to live theirs or they had none of their own, either way they might just bring yours down and us dreamers don’t need that.

Again, there are some individuals in your life that will help you to bring your visions to life, give you motivation to try and the nudge to at least make the leap. And then there are those that are dreamless, they can’t see the vision or have no desire to see yours. I charge you nzuri to be selective in whom you share your dreams with, make it deliberate to a creative or to the hater whom will motivate you even more!

That person motivated me even more! Life is so hard sometimes, things seem to be constantly happening around us, so in the mist of these things we have to find some contentment and joy. So live your dreams nzuri, do you.

Until next time nzuri, own your dreams; go after them!

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