Faux Love: Denim, Leather & Suede

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Hello nzuri!

We are talking about faux, imitation or fake in my OOTD. Every item I have on in this post is faux. I’d like to be honest with you for a moment, up until a couple of years ago I didn’t know how to say faux correctly. So, I strayed away from saying the word and just said fake whatever the item was; it was just easier. Then I looked the term up and it said pronouciation was like “foe”, simple right! I felt a certain way, silly to say the least.

Moving foward, let’s start with the peplum two toned blouse purchased here, I’ve owned for several years which has some nice detailing. There’s a gold zipper lined down the back with the faux suede which is so soft, also this blouse is so easy to clean. I’ve found that this style of blouse creates a really form figuring silhouette, very forgiving on the midsection.

My faux skinny slip-on denim was gifted from my mother in-love some years ago from here, fit like a glove. The thick material is a cross of spandex and cotton with an elastic waste band, I love wearing them in the winter; I don’t need an extra layer as they keep my legs so warm.

Last but not least, my faux leather knee high boots. These were purchased on a whim from here, I really wanted some brown boots and I spotted these online; great deal. But when they arrived, I wasn’t as enthusiastic; the boots were not as brown as the picture or as I’d wanted and the fit isn’t ideal. Yet, when I’d put them on with some tights the boots fit a little better around my calves. They also give off a polished, finished look that I like.

Do you have any wording that catch you up? Yet, they are so simple to say, I’d like to know what they are; leave a comment below.

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