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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild

Hello nzuri,

Ankara print is an African wax print which mainly derived from West Africa, the style consists of bold colors with inspired print beautifully displayed. I’ve seen pieces that are high-end quality and those that fit my budget; but still beautiful none the less.

This Ankara skirt was gifted to me several years ago and I just adore it. The fabric is cotton, as many of the industrialized ones are, the detailed print is very eye catching along with the deep side pockets and trail of buttons in the front.

I styled the skirt in two different looks choosing to tie the belt in front for high waist look then in back for longer waist affect. I also did a shoe change up, more looks below.

The white faux leather deep neck bodysuit gives this style a less dramatic edgy street look and the denim jacket just ties it all together. The pretty pink shoes, I gave them a nick name, are such a wonderful pop of color with the entire look. I’d definitely wear this style on a date night!

Bodysuit (here), Ankara Skirt (old and gifted), Pretty In Pink Heels (here)

Shoe Change

Boots (here)Photos edited in Lightroom!

New subject feature!

What am I unapologetic for this week:

My hairstyle choice. There is some discussion about how our hair should look in a business arena, mainly straight or how the powers that be like it. Frankly, it bothers me that anyone would have to defend how they choose to wear/style their own hair. I am unapologetic and overjoyed to have my locs, my hair the way I deem it should be; it truly represents who I am. I’ve heard some negative remarks about the look and everyone has there opinion yet NO ONE has the right to tell me or you how to style our hair.

It’s my crown.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time nzuri, keep styling YOU unapologeticly!


  • Arnetta Lane

    Love love the outfit. Both pair of shoes are fire. I love locks and yours are beautiful. I think we should be able to wear our hair however especially when it comes to natural. Afros dreadlocks are natural. Bright pink and other colors can be distracting but does that take away from your job performance? At the end of the day that’s all that matters. Nice post ❤

  • Daenel T.

    Love love love that skirt! It’s so pretty.

    And, yes!!! I hate that hair continues to be a source of contention. I mean, hair style is a personal choice.

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    So much to comment on here. Want to start by saying I think your hair is sophisticated and edgy at the same time. And it is absolutely up to you how you wear your hair. Everyone in my family from my 92 year-old mom, husband and 2 daughters and a younger sister all have opinions about my hair. I am just not into spending lots of time trying to fix it. I guess it isn’t important to me. I have all the gadgets and still just get up, comb it and I am done!

    This skirt is such a special piece. Thank you for sharing a little bit about the origin of the print. So earthy. Green is the absolutely best color in the world.

    I have some rather plain white booties and much prefer yours with some texture to them. And those pink/red? shoes are divine. So Valentiney. Add such a pop of unexpected color to your outfit. Love everything about both looks.

    • Shugunna

      Yes, I do understand a no fuss hair routine; that’s me ALL the way! By the way, your hair is beautiful. I am really starting to like green A lot as well. So happy I got those booties, so many ideas for them and the pink shoes are now my favorite, you’ll see a lot of them this spring on my blog. Thanks for coming over Leslie!!

  • Kristin

    I love the skirt!! I especially love the high waisted look. Both ways you’ve styled it are great too.

    I can’t imagine being told that my hair has to be a certain way. I have stick straight hair so there aren’t that many ways to style it and I don’t really color it (I do to cover the gray but it’s still brown). It’s just like what you wear…it’s a reflection of you and your individuality and no one should be able to tell someone else how to dress, let alone how to style their hair. It’s 2020 after all!! Sometimes I feel like we’re living in the dark ages. Sheesh.

    But you are fabulous my friend!

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Kristin, it is sad that this day and age we are still talking about how another individual should look and dress for that matter in another persons eyes!! It’s totally ridiculous.

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