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Nzuri N* Simplicity 2020: Movement

Life is in a perpetual spontaneous movement and free. The art of all arts is to capture a 3-dimensional contextual moment. If you cling to it you won’t capture it and if you do not stay alert you’ll miss it. (Philippe Benichou)

Sweater (here), Skirt (here), Boots (Gifted)

Hello Nzuri!

It’s that time where we are reflecting on what goals were achieved in the previous year and how we will move forward with achieving new ones in the present. As I’d stated in multiple post leading up to the end of the year, 2019 was truly an amazing journey with my blog and I hope this year is even better.

My vision for Nzuri N* Simplicity 2020 is as simple as “movement”, to keep progressing forward and stepping out of my comfort zone: artistically, financially and socially. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking “how would movement” look on the blog, so I’ve contemplated some ideas and here they are:

  • I’d like to venture off into different content that might interest both you the reader and myself therefore I’ve decide to keep my Tuesday style post, Wordless Wednesday and Ageless Style Linkup while adding my monthly review video which will be posted at the end of each month. My hope is that the quality of my writing will improve and I will pay more attention to detail as well as working on my editing.
  • Exploring beyond my typical wear: experimenting with bolder-brighter colors, print/patterns and product reviews.
  • Adding another sub-category to the menu tabs! Yes, I am really moving forward with the YouTube Channel which will be called “SugarShe”. This channel will revolve around community, family, style and so much more. I am in collaboration with one of my cousins and hopefully it will be another great journey. Wish us luck!

My hope is that you will continue to come along on this journey and that together we will continue to move in the best direction for us all. I’m excited to see how the blog evolves over this next year, I look forward to only getting better.

Until next time nzuri, remember your style matters; thank you for stopping by!


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