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Christmas Memories…

Hello nzuri!

One of my most memorable moments when I was a child surrounded the Christmas holidays. Everything involved family, food, fun and friends gathering; the 4Fs.

It seemed as thou our house was the hub for everyone in my small town around this time. People were always in and out, my grandmom seemed like she was always preparing space for everyone to sleep or eat.

There was so much food and fruit of all kinds with desserts and music; a lot of amazing music with beautiful singing and dancing. It was all so crazy, loud and yet very exciting; I absolutely loved it.

My grandmom seemed to enjoy it all as well, I’d see her smile much more than normal and her laughter was magnetic. She’d play games with us almost everynight of our break, we’d have talent shows for her with dancing, singing and comedy; lots of comedy. I could tell it made her very happy when all of her children(13) and most of her grandchildren were home; which was normally around Christmas.

Our 4 bedroom house which was normally very tidy and organized, would be outrageously packed to the ceiling with people and stuff, yet she’d never complained around this time; if I’d have to guess, it was her beautiful mess.

I loved that she would relax for a moment and let it all take its course. I believe that this is where I started to understand the importance of living in the moment and that you can’t control every situation.

So when I started having children, my hope was to recreate that same feeling of excitement, joy, relaxation and a similar tradition I had during my childhood.

So my birthday became my excuse to do something big to get my family in the spirit leading up to Christmas.

That’s where the tree trimming gathering, decorating, cookies, favorite meal and more with the children and any family whom liked to join in derived. This has been my wish or gift for me but for my children as well. I want them to feel the joy of authentic love, pure happiness of being in a moment with people whom loved them all their life, no matter what.

I want them to have this memory of being surrounded by love, life and family, as we don’t get these moments back!

My birthday wish is that they experience the same joy and warmth as I did as a child.

My men and the Christmas tree!

Every year is different with who comes over, how small or large the crowd will be and how we do it, but the concept is the same; we love each other and we are presently authentic with each moment.

You can’t ask more than that.

I think about my grandmom a lot during this time of year always, not with sadness but with gratitude, joy and happiness; she’d taught me so much about famliy, I love and miss her very much.

Until next time nzuri, thanks for coming over; keep creating those memories!😍😘😘


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