Barnabas Award!

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” – Og Mandino

Hello nzuri!

I was recently nominated for my first Barnabas Award, twice. I am very humbled and encouraged, as I never know if what I’m saying or attempt to convey comes off clearly to others and I can see it does; that makes me very happy.

The Barnabas Award is presented to bloggers who encourage and inspire the community.

How the award works:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you, and share their blog.
  • Nominate five bloggers that encourage and inspire you.
  • List five things about yourself.
  • Ask your nominees five questions… why five? Because it is the number that signifies grace!

My blog was nominated and acknowledged by two of my favorite bloggers Bukola Orry and LaShawn , their words of enlightenment and spiritual encouragement is wonderful, inspiring and well written post; you should definitly pop over. Their blogs are Bukola Orry here and Lyfe of Shawn here.

Bukola’s 5 questions:

1.Who in your life is your biggest encourager? My family are my biggest encouragers, I can’t just name one as they all push me to do my best.

2. How do you see yourself as being an encouragement to others? Really hard question, I would think that my actions on how I treat others encourages them. I try to focus on the individual, their situation and base it off of that.

3. When was the last time someone gave you words of encouragement? My husband, I’m writing a book and I’ve come to a stance. He listened to my rambling and was like just do it, sit down and just write no matter what comes out, just write it down; if its good or not you’re getting it out.

4. When you are down, what encourages you to get back up and keep pressing on? When I’m down what gets me back up is my love for my family. I start to think how they depend on me and in what capacity I want to be here for them. My spiritual beliefs as well.

5. Who was your greatest encourager when you first accepted Christ? My mother and grandmother

LaShawn’s 5 questions:
  1. How do you encourage yourself and others? Please refer to #2 in Bukola’s Q&A
  2. Do you think you’ll be blogging one year now? Yes, that is my goal and adding more to it as well!
  3. What’s your favorite bible verse? I don’t have a favorite, yet I do like “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.” Matthew 7:12
  4. What’s your plans for your next vacation? Planning to go back to Georgia for the 4th of July, I really enjoyed my time there and maybe adding one more destination.
  5. Who encourages you when you are feeling down and out? Please refer to #1 in Bukola’s Q&A.

5 Things About Me:

  1. I enjoy laughter, it makes me feel good
  2. I’m quite sociable to the point where it can be distracting to others; something I’m working on.
  3. I am very comfortable with spending time with myself.
  4. I really do not enjoy crowds as much as I use to. When I was younger I could walk-in a room of people with no thought about it, now I don’t care for it much.
  5. I love traditions and creating them for my family.

My 5 Nominees:

Quick disclaimer, I want to let my nominees know that this is only to show how much you’ve inspired me and are appreciated. I’d also like to say, there are many more bloggers that are inspirational to me as well, yet I will comply and list only 5. Also, nominees are not under any obligation to participate in this award, I do understand if they choose not to, my intention is only to acknowledge. Last, my list will reflect the two that nominated me as well, they are truly inspiring ladies.






My 5 questions:

1. How has blogging encouraged you to encourage others?

2. How do you stay motivated to blog?

3. How do you maintain concistancy in a world that’s ever changing and demanding you change with it?

4. What encouraging words do you have for future bloggers?

5. Your favorite motivational qoute?

Until next time nzuri, thank you for coming over; remember your style matters!