Holiday Capsule: Black Blazer Zipper Dress…

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Hello nzuri!

Another addition to the holiday capsule wear.

This little black, double breasted, asymmetrical blazer dress was purchased this season from here, which is a great addition to my wardrobe.

I’d noticed recently that the blazer dress is getting a lot of attention this season and although I’m not the “trending” type; I must say, it is well deserved.

I really like the look and this one, is so fun!

What intigues me about this dress is that it isn’t the basic blazer look.

The details and quality of the dress are very distinct. The gold buttons and side zipper add sophistication. The fit is spot on and the length is perfect for my 4″11 frame.

There’s also a bit of a flare out at the bottom thats appealing as well. The overall quality of the dress is very nice.

My leopard heels are very old, can’t remember where they were purchased yet they’ve always been very comfortable to wear. You’ve also seen them on the blog before. I can also see knee high boots with this look, depending on the weather and venue.

Yet, I love this combination right now and I would definitly wear this to a work holiday party.

These pictures were taken on a very cold day but the sun was on point and I didn’t mind being out!

Can you tell?

Tell me what you think, do you like blazer dresses?

Until next time nzuri, thanks for stopping by; keep styling YOU!


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