Happy Birthday to My Prince…

A years ago, on this day, an angel came into my life who’ve brought the light of happiness. May God keep him free from all evils and give him the eternal happiness! Anonymous

Hello Nzuri!

Yes, we’re celebrating my middle child’s birthday, my handsome prince!

It’s hard sometimes to watch him develop into a grown up, I just miss the child. But, I’m so grateful to have been given the chance to watch him grow and see how he’s evolved.

That once shy, quiet little boy is now a vocal, determined and passionate man whom is not afraid to speak up and live his truth. Words can’t express how much he means to me, he has been that calmness, anchor and ever yielding voice of steadiness; one of my reasons to want to move on with life.

I am proud of him and I wish him nothing but joy and success.

As you can see, we went through the selfie cell phone phase, it was the only way I could get pictures while he was in college. I’ll take what I can get, I know all my mother’s understand.

And then we grew up and now we can get actual pictures without his phone, my professor!

As a child my Vant was very quiet, reserved, calm and didn’t require a lot of attention; the complete opposite of my girls. On one occasion he blatantly told me that I somehow raised them differently because he couldn’t understand how completely different he was from them, in every way.

Of course this made me laugh, so hard, I proceeded to tell him though that every one of them were raised the same; HE just came in a little old man package🤣. His mother needed some balance in between the storms.
Please join me in wishing my Vant a Happy birthday!!!

I love you son, more than you’ll ever know!

Thanks for coming over nzuri, remember, keep styling YOU!


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