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Soup-Chili-Stew: Receipe Swap &Blog Hop…

Hello nzuri!

Welcome to my first recipe swap blog hop! This is my first time writing about my own recipe, it was a little hard in regards to how to word it; lets just say writing a cook book is not on my things to do. Yet, I was up to the challenge.

I was invited by Leslie over at to join in on the Recipe Swap Blog hop. The idea behind the post was to see how we all prepare these comfort foods differently yet yielding the same delicious tast.

Doesn’t this post just make you want to curl up with a hot bowl of soup, chili or stew with a blanket by a fire place on this cold fall day? I love comfort foods like this.

Lets get started on what I made!

Hearty Turkey and Bean Chili


1/2 teaspoon olive oil

2 pounds ground turkey

1 lg. white onion, chopped

2 cups of bell peppers, I got these pre-diced

1/2 cup water

2 (16 ounce) canned chili ready crushed tomatoes

2 (16 ounce) can canned chili mix kidney beans

2 tablespoon chili powder

(Optional)1/2 teaspoon sugar

•1 box or large can of tomato sauce

2 packets of Chilli-O seasoning

How To Make:

I generally combine the olive oil, chili powder and ground turkey in large skillet to brown meat (drain the fat). Then I start the onions, green peppers, add water and chili powder in a small pan set a side to saute.

After they’ve all cooked a bit, I combine all and the rest of the ingredients in a big pot to medium temp, then place lid on to simmer, frequently stirring while letting all the flavors merge together.

While I was cooking my husband and baby girl decided to past some time coloring, they seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

How do you like your chili nzuri?

I like mine with saltine crackers, red peppers, cheddar cheese, onions and sometimes sour cream, so good! (I have also tried corn bread in the past which wasn’t bad at all!) My husband only has cheese and Ritz crackers, my son typically has cheese and a little spice.

When it was time to eat, baby girl said she was making a double stack chilli and crackers sandwich; very clever🤔 she only like saltines with hers.

All and all this was very outside of my comfort zone yet exciting to share my recipe. This recipe although tweaked, was handed down to me by my elder children’s grandfather, he made the best chili around. We’ve added potatoes, veggies and other substitutions in regards to meats in the past and I’ve liked them all.

Thank you Leslie for the invite, I look forward to doing it again. The next blogger to share her recipe is Jamie , can’t wait to see what’s cooking over there! Lets hop over…

Also, feel free to LINKUP, as always thanks for stopping by nzuri. Have a great day!!

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  • Kristin

    Nicely done Shugunna! I don’t really write recipes either…mine tend to meander around a little but I get the job done. Your chili looks amazing! And I like that it’s not a complicated recipe.

    I used to eat saltines with my chili but don’t anymore. I’m not sure why, other than I don’t normally have them in the house. But I love saltines, cheese, and sour cream when I eat chili. Occasionally a nice peanut butter sandwich with it too.

    I hope you continue to share what you’re cooking. You know I’m a sucker for a good cooking post now and again. 😉

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Kristin! Your baking skills and instructions are always on point, I really enjoy those post and all your cool twist onnyhe recipes. Next time we do this, I’ll be sure to invite you to join. I’d never thought about a peanut butter sandwich with chili🤔going to have to try it! Thanks again!

  • Bri

    Mmm!!! This looks yummy. I need to branch out and try some different chili recipes. We have created one we loved years ago and never swayed from it. 🙂

    • Shugunna

      Thanks Bri! When I first started making this recipe I was scared to deviate but as we started eating more of it, we just felt like there was more we could do with it. Now, I like thinking of different ways to make it. 😊

    • Shugunna

      Woooooo fritos sound good, like a walking taco with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and jalapenos sounds so good👀can you tell I like to eat? Yes, this weather is on 10! I’m thinking about soup this weekend, going through the blog hop for new recipes 😊

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I am so proud of you to step outside your comfort zone to do this recipe swap! Yay you!!! And your chili sounds and looks so good. I have used turkey in some of my chili recipes and will try it with my maple bourbon chili, too. I can’t tell the difference between turk and hamburg. PC says he can, though, so I always throw in a little ground beef to keep peace in the family. Have never used Chili-o but will look for it at the commissary next trip. Glad your hubs and baby girl enjoyed coloring together. I think little bit is onto something with her chili sammies. Precious doll!!

    Thank you for doing this with me!!

    • Shugunna

      Thanks again Leslie for invitation, as stated this was really fun and an experience. I’m going to be hopping over to the other ladies blogs and yours all week to see the great ideas everyone has cooked up, can’t wait to try some of the new recipes as well! Also, my husband likes the turkey yet I do have to alternate with beef every so often 😘all about keeping the peace.

  • Michael Ann

    What a fun post! Thanks for being a part of the blog hop. Growing up we ate saltines with our chili, but THEN I discovered the joy of topping it with sour cream and maybe a little shredded cheese!

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Michael Ann! I actually discovered the sour cream with my chili as I became an adult as well, really gives it a step up especially with the cheese and jalapenos sometimes 🤤tasty…

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