Holiday Edition: Purple Confetti…

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Rumi

Hello nzuri!

I know the animal print is in yet I really prefer splashes of color or maybe color blocking. If I could set the trend for the season it would be blotches of color like the 80’s, 90’s leathery jackets with gold hoops and chains; woo and while we’re at it bold lips!! Ha Ha, yeah let’s bring it back.

Yeah, that’s me always wayyyyyyy off with the current trend. It’s cool though, come along with me on the ride for a moment. Let’s do some quirky shoulder pads, spiked heels and don’t forget the fringe, tie dye jackets; always a thriller.

Or, let’s just get to outfit of the day!

I’ve decided since we’re getting into the holidays and hopefully we’re all either gathering with family celebrating and/or holiday/office parties; I’d feature some possible dressy options. Therefore throughout the season I’ll have featured Holiday Edition looks.

This little purple, black and white strapless dress is really old yet very versatile, as it has has been worn as a skirt as well. I chose to pair it with my black leather wrap belt, beaded purple cardigan and patten leather heels.

I chose to do a bold lipstick to pull the look together, with my dangling earrings, silver necklace and a nice black watch. My black leather tote adds another detail as well, simple but it works.

Dress (here), Cardigan (here), Heels (here)

Tell me what you think? Are you looking forward to the holidays and dressing up for parties? I’d like to know…

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by; now go style YOU!


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