Cardi, Multi-Color Blouse and Jeans…

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Hello nzuri!

My OOTD was a casual work wear on one of our Friday dress down days some weeks ago. This was a very windy and cool day, so instead of a heavy jacket I opted for a lighter cardigan. It was also still nice enough for peep toe shoes as well!

Outfit details: my hi-low, tan hooded cardigan was purchased from here (similar look) over three years ago; because it was on clearance I purchased another one in a plum color. These cardis are so light, with pockets on each side and the front can be pulled over shoulder for a wrap look. I wear these all year round especially in my office, as its always a bit cooler in there.

My multi colored, gold zipper blouse was gifted from our grandmother over a year ago. The blouse is so detailed at the neckline with the gold zippers, very airy and light, with buttons on sleeves to adjust. Another favorite and nothing but compliments when worn. I always wear minimal gold jewelry, so the blouse is the focal point.

My grey jeans worn here previously, are restyled and paired with cranberry peep toe heels purchased here. My camel purse paired well with the ensemble, this was a gift from my husband years ago; he has good taste right?

Of course, photos were taken by my little one, it was a good shoot. I behaved!

Do you like cardigans? There my favorite along with ponchos, it’s that time of season!!

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by; now go style YOU!


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Baby girl is becoming quite the photographer. She doesn’t cut off your feet or your head or anything in between!! Love this top on you. And I have one similar that I need to pull out. Same color palette and chevron pattern. But those jeans take the cake. Great fit!!

  • Daenel T.

    I live in cardigans all year around because the library is super cold.

    I like the shape and color of your cardi – high low, wrap styles are perfect. And yes to that bag – so cute.

  • Kristin

    I love cardigans! They’re the best. So versatile and you can button them up (if they have buttons), wear them open, and with a belt around them. You can show off what you’re wearing underneath or close them up and wear them like a shirt. I am totally loving your outfit. And my eyes opened wide when you mentioned a plum colored cardigan! Love the purse and especially love that your husband bought it for you. Good taste indeed!

    • Shugunna

      Yes, cardigans are the best. I honestly didn’t start buying them until after my little one was born, not sure if it was because of style change or because I was cold a lot more and needed the extra layer. But no matter how it started its only gotten better and I simply love them. ❣thanks for coming over Kristin

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