Classic Beige or Tan and White…

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Hello nzuri!

I hope you are doing well. The featured look was taken over a month ago, I decided to get the camera and tripod out early to catch the morning glow. My husband had been talking about it for awhile so figured I’d give it a shot. I’m not sure if I captured what he was explaining yet the pictures turned out very clear and bright.

This Calvin Klein blouse is very old, about 13 years to be exact; it’s a gift from my husband. I just love a good button up shirt, don’t you? I often struggle with the color though, it can be a dark tone in different lights which makes me think taupe, yet in a lighter area I’d say beige but many have told me tan; interesting right?

Well, whatever color you’d call it, it’s one of my favorites. The quality of this blouse far outweighs the cost, it’s a staple piece in my wardrobe. Paired with my white destressed pants really gives off a classic, clean, chic look.

Browns with orange undertones are the colors we associate with the term “beige” and are used in both interiors and exteriors. Browns with yellow undertones constitute the “tan” shades. … Browns with black undertones give the mixed color a gray cast and, like those with a blue undertone, fall under the title of “taupes.”Oct 15, 2013

I kept the jewelry minimal and only opted for a clutch purse instead of an arm bag.

My slip on tan mules are netted with a block heel, they are so comfortable.

Looking back at these pictures make me really like the lighter colors for fall, it brightens your mood especially as we have so many grey days ahead of us with weather and time changing soon.

After reading the above statement, I also thought about one of my aunts on my father’s side. I recall her wearing white or lighter clothing of some sort all year round when I was young. I remember thinking whenever I’d see her, “she’s spotless, how does she keep that so clean”. I never found out her secret, yet her mood was always upbeat; she was always smiling! I can’t recall her ever being in a bad mood; at least around me.

I’d like to equate the lighter colors to keeping her cheerful or something to that extent. It’s something to think about, right…

These colors and this specific picture below reminds me of her, the carefree expression.

Tell me what do you think about the colors?

Well, thanks for coming over nzuri! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and until next time; keep styling YOU!


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I like that you provided a definition that explains TAUPE! Thinking I probably wear more of the warmer colors so beiges and tans. But I like your taupe top very much. What a pretty transition color. And with your white pants, it is perfect for these in-between days.

  • Daenel T.

    I love a button down with distressed jeans. I think it looks classy and edgy.

    As for the color, I think taupe. I always have a hard time pairing taupe though because of the undertones. I saw taupe with navy once and looooved it.

  • Shelbee on the Edge

    I love the tan with the white jeans. It is a beautiful neutral combination that works all year round. And those shoes are wonderful! I wonder if it was because your aunt was so happy and positive all the time that it essentially repelled spots from her white clothes! Like she put so much good energy into the universe that the universe responded by keeping her spot free! Thanks for linking up, my friend.


  • Mica

    You wear neutrals so well! Once the boys are a little older and out of the toddler phase I’d love to get a pair of white jeans!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp 🙂

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Mica, yes little ones are attracted to lighter colors, honestly didn’t start buying whites until my two older ones were in there teens😂😂

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