Berry and Blush Pink Baby…

I will tell you a secret: A worldly-wise lady does not need designer clothes; her irresistible personal power comes from the heart.- Unknown

Hello nzuri!

I hope your day is going well. We’re officially into fall season, I’m not sad about it, at all!

My OOTD is a light weight summer, polka dot pink blouse purchased here over a year ago. It fits pretty big on me, but once tucked in, you can’t tell. Again, I like my blouses to drape or flow well. This blouse is an easy transitional piece as I can put a cardigan or blazer on and go, so it will be in use all season.

My blush pink tie waisted pants are from here, they were purchased axwhile back. They are really big as well, where they sag in the front. This was not intentional; I can normally purchase a size 4 in this brand and the fit be good but unsure why the inseam was so off this time. Therefore, I had to do a simple fix of pulling them up to make them appear as high waist pants. Simple and effective right, not really; they kept loosening and sliding throughout my day.

As you can see some of the pictures are blurry. Not sure what happened but my daughter did tell me I was acting extra this particular morning! She said I was moving around too much for her to take the photos right, my little tempermental photographer; she was right though.

Baby girl told me to stand by her picture so everyone could see her, hey I didn’t understand either but she’s taking the pictures so you know; I complied 😠
If I look confused in this picture I was, I didn’t know were she needed me to stand! Maybe this should be called “bossed around by child blog”!

My husband said this is my signature look , hand in hair!

Tell me what you think about my berry and pink?

As always, thanks for coming over nzuri , remember keep styling you!


  • jodie filogomo

    I just love this color combination Shugunna!!
    And funny because we have that same light that you’re standing in front of. That square white one with the black shelves. You can even see it in today’s blog post!! Talk about great minds thinking alike.

    • Shugunna

      I do have a bright window I could face and yes, I’ll need to be still next time. Thanks for advice Bettye and I will tell her you liked the photos. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Arnetta Lane

    Hand in hair is definitely your signature look ❤❤ I love love the outfit. Colors are beautiful. Shoes are fabulous. Photographer did an excellent job 😉🌻💕😊

    • Shugunna

      Love the LINKUP! Yes, our little people are soooooooo much fun though, I’m sure your boys are not as dramatic as my baby though, she gets it from her mom👀

  • Kristin

    You guys are so cute! I love that your daughter is bossing you around when taking pictures! So cute. I love the whole outfit but those pants are super, super cute! And I like the drape of the shirt.

    • Shugunna

      Lol, she likes bossing me around when she can, its too funny for me to take it seriously!!😔🤣😂 she’s doing me the favor . Thank you Kristin

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