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Hello nzuri!

Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend!

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” Hermann Hesse

This quote is so true as I can only speak for myself, that when I chose to let go of all the hurt, resentment, pain and anger not just towards those who’d wronged me BUT my self destruction, I truly felt empowered.

Those energies where so draining and took up so much of my creativity and willpower, time I can’t get back. Now, I can’t tell you that I don’t have my moments here and there, it’s not human for me not to; I just choose now not to live in them. I recognize when these emotions start to creep up, I acknowledge and feel them; then move on.

I don’t know if I’d ever told my mother in-love this, but she helped me with this tremendously.

On one occasion, I was having a conversation with her where I was trying to hold back my emotions on how angry I was about something. She immediately picked up on what I was doing and finally said, there is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel, show them, let them out, it’s ok! ….

You just can’t dwell in them for long. You must be able to keep moving.

(This is how I interpreted her words) this was one of the most inspiring moments of our relationship. Strong, empowered women helping each other, with no hidden agenda.

With that said, I really try hard to choose what energy I put on my blog because I believe in words manifesting. We are what we speak and I really am working on keeping that positive connection to yield good results.

“Empowered women empower women!”

Do I always accomplish this, I’m not sure but it is my intention and my goal to do so! No matter what society standards are, it doesn’t matter, what matters is how you feel when you look in the mirror. And I honestly hope you feel wonderful, strong, beautiful and if you’re not there yet; my prayer is that you get there soon.

Until next time nzuri, be well and know your worth!🥰😘


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    How true. Empowered women do empower other women. I immediately thought of a gal I worked with who was a 5th grade teacher at the time. She got her mid-management certificate and became an assistant principal. Then she got her doctorate and is now Dr. Aranda. This girl is going places but in her wake she is empowering others. Her confidence, her sense of self is contagious and inspiring. Great post.

  • Kristin

    I’ve loved that quote for a long time. I always hate it when women tear each other down. I have someone in my life who does this. I just want to print that quote out and give it to her. Ask her why she can’t empower other women. Except we know the answer to that, don’t we? We don’t love our self. When we don’t love our self, we have negative self talk. That self talk turns outwards and we need to bring others down so we feel better. But it’s nice to be able to help remind ourselves and others that it’s okay to empower each other. I think you do a good job of this. I think you exude self-love and you turn that love outward a lot. And that my friend is one of the many things that I admire about you. xoxox

    • Shugunna

      🥰🥰😘you are so sweet and kind for that, thank you Kristin. I really love this qoute as well. And I truly agree with you, if someone is not happy with themselves its really hard for them to empower others. My wish for your friend is that she realizes what a great friendship she has with you before its too late. Thank you for your support!

  • Shelbee on the Edge

    Shugunna, this is such a wonderful message. I totally feel the same way. We have to feel the feelings, even the negative ones, and then release them and move on. We get back from the universe what we put it into so I always try to stay positive and empowering as well. Of course, we all falter from time to time, but if we always do our best, the universe will respond likewise.

    Also, your plaid top is super cute! I love the pink and purple together!


  • Mica

    I love this outfit on you – the shirt is such a nice colour combo with the tank! And your mother in law sounds like a very wise woman, those are great words to live by!

    Hope that you had a great weekend 🙂 Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp 🙂 I just posted this week’s linkup, I’d love you to join again! 🙂

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