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Hello nzuri!

Yes, the season is changing, although we are still experiencing some very hot days, I can start to see leaves falling, our days are shorter and the overall feel is different.

Remember my bucket list here for spring, well I’m joining Leslie over at Once Upon A Time Happily Ever After for a new bucket list featuring fall to do’s. This time she provided a LINKUP so that others could share their ideas as well. You are welcome to join!

I’m happy to report that I completed most of the items on my previous list:

1. I actually walked more than normal, granted my husband and daughter had to persuade me most of the time, yet it got done.

**My new target is to start working out more regularly, we’re looking into meditation and other outlets for our health.

2. The extra closet was decluttered and I moved my winter clothing over. Which allowed so much more space in my bedroom closet. I also gave away a bunch of clothing that had not been worn in quite some time. I am going to start back donating regularly.

**My new target is not to add too many new items or to really curve my clothes shopping. There are some necessities the baby needs for the change in weather but other than that I will be making smaller purchases. The restlyle idea derived from this list.

3. The one new item for our family room was purchased, a chair for my husband, yet to my disappointment it was not what we expected; yet babygirl loved it so much that we decided to keep it for her. Really, she says it’s her chair.

**My new project is a kitchen table and new work desk, unsure which will come first but that’s the plan.

4. Although I didn’t plant the flowers persay, my husband and daughter did; I took good pictures thou🤣. The flowers stayed in bloom the entire season, there is one that continues to grow. Babygirl was so excited to play in the dirt with her dad, so glad they had a good time.

**What’s new, we are going to do some baking! Babygirl loves to watch baking shows, SO we are going to do more of this, creating our own recipes, lol wish us luck!

5. Now, sad to say the backyard still didn’t get overhauled so it is back on my to do’s. If I showed you a picture you’d be scared!! Literally…

She said the plane was #1 OK!

6. This was babygirl’s first airplane ride , it wasn’t on my list BUT we can add and mark right off. She had a great experience going and coming back. She loved it!!

7. **New, I’d like to take some type of class maybe cooking, art or photography; not really sure yet. Additionally : business cards for the blog.

Finally, I will get better at taking more #selfcare days. I’d slacked off a little but its a work in progress, we all need it! As mothers, wives and caregivers we tend to push what we need back, that has/must change.

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping bye my corner of the internet!

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  • Kay Lynn

    You accomplished a lot this summer! I need to do some of those things, especially the declutter, but it didn’t make my fall list.

    P.S. Your daughter is adorable!

  • Christie Hawkes

    Hello Shugunna! I’m right there with you on giving clothes away and trying not to add too many more. In fact, I set a rule for myself, whenever I purchase something new, I give at least one thing away. I’m getting ready to switch out the summer clothes for the cold weather wear soon. When I do, I get rid of some things I haven’t worn in a while or that are wearing out. The baking goal sounds delightful. In fact, that picture of cinnamon rolls really made me want some. Yummy! Good luck on your fall list!

    • Shugunna

      Thanks Christie for stopping by. Yes, that is my goal as well: to start transferring summer out and winter in but also looking at what I didn’t wear last winter and give those away. Those rolls do look so good, reminded me of my grandmother’s baking! Good luck on your list as well.

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Great list! Hate to tell you, but baby girl is growing up. Love her choice of chairs. Reminds me of Goldilocks!! That chair must be just right.

    I am very impressed with your beautiful photographs. Love the one with the leaves and your blue bag. And the pumpkins and your message board. Really want a message board like that.

    Thank you so much for joining me. Hope you will share your progress in October and November, with more sensational photos and maybe some of your baking recipes??

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Leslie, yes she us most likely going to be way taller then me, I can tell because at her age now I was still really small. Unfortunately those pictures are from WordPress free library, they are cool and I love the selections they have. I will probably do an update, maybe in November. Thanks again for inviting me!

  • LaShawn Uchenna Ani

    That’s a great idea to create seasonal bucket list. You did get a lot of things accomplished all while looking fabulous. Your daughter is to cute. I encourage to take at least one day a week for self care 💜

  • jodie filogomo

    That was definitely a full summer!!
    I love how you kept the chair for your daughter!!
    And baking together is a great bonding activity!

  • Daenel T.

    You did a great job on you list. I love that your daughter confiscated the chair – that’s something my kids would’ve done. LOL

    I keep going back and forth over whether or not I want to try my hand at planting a vegetable garden. I’m fairly certain I’m the only one who’d eat the veggies {The Hubs only likes canned vegetables – so weird, but I love him LOL}.

    I would love to take a real photography class. I’ve taken some online courses, but to sit in a class would be fun. I can’t wait to find out what you decide to take.

    • Shugunna

      Thanks Daenel! Yeah, as soon as she saw the chair it was a wrap! 🤣🤣 about the veggies “fairly certain “! I should look up online classes too but I would prefer face to face. We will see. Thanks again for dropping bye!!

  • Kristin

    You’ve definitely had a productive summer and I can’t wait to see what you get done this fall. I love everything about this post from your daughter ‘taking’ the chair, to the planting, to the decluttering, and wanting to do some baking. I’m taking a photography course this fall. It will be my first official class. It’s taught by a local photography club which is exciting. I can’t wait to hear all about your class (and fall) adventures!

    • Shugunna

      Thank you! Yes, she really loves HER chair! When I looked back at my list, I was actually shocked at the stuff that had gotten done, we were busy! I am really excited about your photography class, can’t wait to visit your blog to see how your class progresses. Hopefully I’ll find one in a classroom setting instead of online. 👀 I need hands on attention 🤣. Thanks for stopping bye!!

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