My Summer Skirt!

Hello nzuri!

Summer, summer, summer is gently fading and soon it’ll be fall, but for now while it’s still nice weather; I’ll continue to bare it all!! Lol, just had to rhyme it…

This OOTD screams SUMMER, don’t you think?!

This skirt was purchased a while back, the weighted material is really nice and the beautiful flowers are so colorful and bright; this is really a well made skirt. I ordered it off the company’s website, so imagine how happily surprised I was when I opended the package to see such a wonderful item, very pleased.

The ballooned hem hits a little below my knees, i would’ve preferred it been a little shorter but in the end its a great quality buy and nothing higher heel want resolve.

My silk blouse color is in debate with my husband and the little one, I say it’s green yet they say yellow. It might be the way the light hits it as it could go either way I suppose. I purchased it a while back from Plato’s Closet, a gently used clothing store.

What do think nzuri, is my blouse yellow or green? I’d like to know.

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping bye my corner of the internet. Take care.


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