Georgia Heat!

Hello nzuri!

I see why Atlanta, GA is called “Hot lanta” now, I promise you this beats the Mississippi heat any day! Now don’t get me wrong, Mississippi has its share of scorhers but this to me was no comparison. We were only there 3 days but it was impressively HOT!

I managed to convince my family to take some pictures with me outdoors, it was hard for everyone to stand out there for a long period of time but I appreciated them for obliging me… They had such beautiful colors on, I felt it needed to be shown.

My mom’s red blouse was very detailed and bold up against the the white pants.
One of my stylish aunts, she has such unique and fabulous taste. This blouse was so beautiful on her… the entire look was very energetic. We have similar personalities, we embrace our silliness and have fun.
My romper is from Aeropostale, I got it for a great deal.

Have you ever been to Atlanta, GA, how was your trip? I’d like to know.

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet! Take care..