Emerald Green and Leopard Print…

Hello nzuri!

Yes, I love these colors together! I really wish there were more green selections this summer. I started looking at the end of spring for different greens, more bold colors, yet never found anything like this blouse until recently.

The silk emerald, spaghetti string/layered sleeved top is so soft to the touch. As soon as I tried it on in the store I knew what I was going to wear with it. My pullup, leopard shorts; both items from New York and Company.

I really loved the fit of both items, the blouse has a relaxed look and the pants gave just enough give with the leg length to come off really elegant. The colors really popped against each other.

These were taken while we were out on one of our datenights, this particular restaurant is called True BBQ and Whiskey. The restaurant is very deceiving from the outside because once you walk in, the ambiance gives off this Chicago downtown vibe; very elegant and sleek. Chandliers for days and the outside dining includes groups of stone fire pits that are very detailed with comfortable seating. The food was very delicous although our favorite was the sliders (duck, pulled pork and beef brisket) really tasty.

Because they have a wide variety of whiskey we were at a loss on what to select for pairing with our dinner, so the waiter, whom was very knowledgeable of the whiskey bar, suggested getting a flight and he guided us on the different palettes. The selections he’d recommend were quite strong as you can see from my pictures below, yet I did find one that was very smooth and satisfying. Let me know when you visit, I can recommend my favorite!

Can you see my bae taking the picture via the window of the restaurant, I could’ve cropped it out but its seemed pretty cool.

We moved around the restaurant with ease, there were so many cool things I wanted to take pictures of, I wonder what the patrons thought we were doing? Oh well, we live in the days were everyone is taking pictures ALL the time, we really tried not to disturb anyone else’s experience thou.

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet! Take care…


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