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Fitting In…

Hello nzuri!

My life has been one great big joke, a dance that’s walked, a song that’s spoke, I laugh so hard I almost choke when I think about myself. – Maya Angelou

In a sea of bloggers it is sometimes hard not to fall into the “do I fit in” mindset. There are questions we ask ourselves in regards to what will look good and/or will this be acceptable. When those thoughts or moments come into play for me, I think back on high school and how I’d refused to be in a clique or how I would deliberately try NOT to fit in.

By the time I’d reached Northwest Indiana at 16, I was positive that there was no one group I could ever belong to

So, although I was in the band as a majorette/dancer, on the school modeling squad for a very short period, as well as track and field my senior year; I found myself sitting with various groups. For example, the so called outcast (those many thought were troublemakers) or I’d startup conversations with the honor society students (smarter children, supposedly) or I’d clown around with the jocks (my then high school sweetheart’s main crew) or I’d just pick out a random person in one of my classes to chat with; it didn’t matter.

Every conversation or interaction was for me genuinely unique and intriguing. No matter the setting, I’d always find away not to be labeled or placed in a particular category and it worked for me. This is also my experience since being an adult.

Where am I going with this you ask?

Although I love looking at the glossy pictures and beautiful backgrounds displayed on many blogs and social media platforms, especially fashion ones; I just don’t fit in! Which believe it or not, suits me just fine.

I appreciate having so many different affiliations with all different bloggers and social media personalities. Their all so uniquely interesting with an abundance of interpretations on styles, twist of stories and ideas as well as inspiring. I really enjoy the unique conversations and interactions with all that I genuinely follow.

I am virtually visiting Africa, New Zealand, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, England, Massachusetts and many many more settings via Instagram and individual blogs. Some of these are places I’ll probably never visit in my lifetime yet I get to interact with the culture; it is pretty amazing!

I’m not just sitting at the band table!!

And my hope is that you feel the same way when you visit my corner over here in Indiana! We are all uniquely created and our art is one of a kind… Let’s continue to create, motivate and inspire others to dream!

Blurry, but I liked it.

Filters were used for all the pictures, Ollie and Black/White in Google app pictures. Thought I’d do something different… Pictures taken by babygirl!!

So, how are you NOT fitting in? I’d like to know…

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet… 🥰


  • LaShawn Uchenna Ani

    This is so beautiful and well written. I ask myself the same question as a blogger-where do I fit in and I realize I am in my own lane. Like you, I love diversity and learning about new cultures. The outfit is everything, Your blog is by far one of my favorites. Its genuine and authentic which fuses fashion and real live.

  • Nancy

    What a lovely story. I never fitted in. I was, and still am , a hard rock lover and I was, and still am, a fashion lover. That didn’t mix together. For me it did!

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Nancy! It makes since when I’m on your blog, you have a really funky edge and stlye sense. You are fabulously different!

  • Arnetta Lane

    I think I can fit in, in almost any environment but I still stick out, lol! That’s how I could categorize myself. I don’t like to fit in but I don’t like attention but I’m always in my own world. I hope that makes sense 😊😊 This is such a great post. People often try to fit in but it’s great not to. My blog is all over the place, just like me lol! Thanks for sharing this 🦋🌞❤🌻 Have a wonderful blessed day beautiful

    • Shugunna

      We should call ourselves “the random crew” because I’m with you in my own little world. Yet that’s ok!! As long as we are happy with what we put out there, being authentic is the most important!! Thanks for coming by Arnetta!!

  • Mica

    What a fun outfit and I agree – there is so much variety on blogs and you learn more about other countries and cities and what life is like in different places – I love feeling like I have friends around the world thanks to blogs! 🙂

    Hope that your week has been a good one and you have a nice weekend ahead of you 🙂

    • Shugunna

      I agree, I’m so glad to see such a variety of blogs, I really enjoy it. My week has been busy but good, I wish the same good vibes for you as well. Thanks Mica

  • Daenel T.

    I so get this. I’ve never been one to fit in either. I wasn’t athletic or anything in high school. When I went to college, I was still very different – I grew up overseas and my style choices showed it. I tried adapting, but I was such a failure, which is why I firmly believe that adage: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” As a blogger, I still find myself trying to figure out my place. I don’t know that I’ll ever really belong.

    • Shugunna

      And yet your blog is so unique and interesting, which is the reason I was drawn to you. I can see your personality in all you do on the blog and I enjoy it! Thanks Daenel!

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