Graphic Ts

I’ll always be your biggest fan

Hello nzuri!

When I was younger I use to LOVE wearing Graphic Tshirts along with my blue jeans and a baseball cap!! As I got older and started working in a professional environment I stopped wearing them as much, I guess I lost interest.

Up until a few years ago my love for them resurfaced. Now graphic Tees can be created to your liking, creating your own catch phrases and sayings to display. Recently I was approached about getting graphic shirts made for my blog, so I am now in the flow of figuring out designs; it’s pretty exciting (I can’t wait to show you the finishing product).

“I’ll always be your biggest fan ” I tell my children that at every turn, because I am!!

This particular Tee was designed for my daughter’s Tball Team’s White Sox outing last year. All the parents pitched in to get the shirts and we decided on the wording collectively. It’s a great style and fit.

When I put this style of Tshirt on, it reminds me of carefree and relaxed days when I’d visit the south.

This song by Faith Hill “Mississippi Girl ” use to be my anthem:

Cause a Mississippi girl don’t change her ways

Just ’cause everybody knows her name
Ain’t big headed from a little bit of fame

I still like wearing my old ball cap
Riding my kids around piggy back
They might know me all around the world
But, y’all, I’m still a Mississippi girl

Y’all, I’m still that Mississippi Girl!!!🥰😘

Thanks for coming over nzuri, until next time!!


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