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Weekend Exploration (Pt. 2)

Hello Nzuri!

Part 2 of our Father’s Day Celebration weekend is featured today. I’m actually posting all the events backwards, the first post here happened during the second part of our little excursion, todays post actually was captured at the beginning.

We visited The Oriental Institute Museum housed at the University of Chicago in Illinois. If you click into the link, you will definitely see way more of the awesome exhibits than I have photo’d and if you are ever out that way; it is definitely worth the visit!

There were several graduations going on that day, so the museum was fairly empty which gave us enough time to stare off and enjoy.

As you can see in some of the background pictures and top, baby girl is in her daddy’s arms at some point of the tour, she didn’t like seeing the mummies; said it looked creepy from a distance. So of course, her hero/dad, picked her up then had her close her eyes while he described each exhibit and/or read the inscription of what was being displayed, then he’d calmly ask if she would like to open her eyes to see a display after he’d described it.

This went on the entire time we were in this particular room. This was truly amazing to hear and watch, he really is a great father!

Love my family so much!

As you can see there were plenty of pictures taken of me, I know it’s a family trip, but the family joined in as well; especially my little model.

Sym was so happy her brother was with us all day, he couldn’t get away from her or me; as you can see!

Like I said, the idea to change wardrobes was definitely my husband’s idea and boy do I appreciate it; I didn’t have to think about content this week!

If you’re a blogger, you know what I mean.

The next several pictures are just me and the children being silly, yet having so much fun. Can you tell where they get their dramatics from?

ME! Yes, they get their dramatics from ME, every last one, lol!!!

And then we ended the evening with chicken and waffles from the Home of Chicken and Waffles in Chicago. When I tell you this food is great! It really is and the portions are wonderful, we left full and tired.

Of course we looked up and saw that my husband was taking these pictures, we were too busy eating to stop and catch him in the act thou!

Last wardrobe change of the day, this will never happen again!! It was exhausting, great idea but EXHAUSTING (you see the bae taking my picture, he’s so cute)…

My old friend, the blue jean jacket was riding all day, it was rainy and cold in the Chi that day. Dress (CVS!! This little fun sundress was purchased from my local CVS Pharmacy, isn’t that wild! I love minis, I don’t want to grow up)

Maybe I should have given a disclaimer of the picture overload, oh well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures… As always thank you for coming over to my corner nzuri, it is really cool to have you drop by!

Dress (Aeropostale, last spring) Shoes (JcPenney) Smile (from my loving family, they are COOL!)


  • jodie filogomo

    What a fun time, Shugunna!! The smiles on your faces says it all.
    Don’t you just love when you get to visit a place and it isn’t so busy?? It makes it so nice not to have the crowds around. And I totally get the not liking the mummies. They are a little creepy!!

  • Nicole of High Latitude Style

    Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party. Love the photos in this post.

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    What a fun excursion. Glad you could all be together on Father’s Day. Handsome fam!!

    And your dresses are darling. Aeropostale!? And CVS? What??? I had to read that twice before I could believe my eyes. Our Aeropostale was going out of business about 2 years ago and then, somehow, it rallied. I haven’t been in there in awhile. Need to check them out. We are just getting our first CVS pharmacies. Had no idea they sold clothes. Will be visiting them, too. You truly look so cute. And you are radiating happiness and love.

    • Shugunna

      Yes Leslie, CVS; I was shocked to see them too and they had nice jewelry and sandals at great deals. Very impressive. My oldest LOVED Aeropostale so that’s how I first got introduced, so I go in from time to time to browse and they have good deals too. Thanks for coming over…

  • Arnetta Lane

    What a lovely post and your family is beautiful 🤗🤗 I love the pictures. Seems like it was such an awesome weekend! I can’t wait to try to Chicken and Waffles restaurant! Thanks sharing with us ❤❤

  • Kristin

    I love museums! They are so much fun and so educational! I love the outfit changes too. Sounds, and looks, like a great weekend.

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