My Old is Still New

Sooner or later, everything old is new again.

Stephen King, The Colorado Kid

Hello nzuri!

I hope all is well… My OOTD features some very old apparel that I’ve had for quite some time now. I just refuse to let them go, they seem to get better with time. Well in my mind…

The blue jean jacket was a purchase from Ecko Unltd outlet store in a near by city, over 14 years ago. This jacket is so comfortable. Everytime I take it out in hopes of getting a new one, I think, you’ll never find another one like this, then I put it back in my closet. I’ve had several in the past but have given them away as they started to tatter. I’ll probably have this jacket forever, it’s like an old friend!! I love that everytime I wash it the material gets softer, no tattering and the color has stayed vibrantly blue and the buttons haven’t tarnished at all.

The Red Tee..

The red Tshirt belonged to my oldest, Dori, yes we wore the same size clothing for a while. I’ve had it in my possession for over 9 years, I can’t recall how long she’d had it before then, it’s still in good shape thou. So I hold on to it, because although I know it want bring her back, I still feel her warmth when I wear it. I wear it quite often.

My cotton skirt…

Now, my cotton skirt! I’ve had this skirt over 18 years, it’s been so long I can’t remember were I purchased it from, lol. At one point in my life I was obsessed with cotton dresses and skirts. The feeling of the material and the way it laid on my body was so elegant to me, made me think of the 50s and 60s era. Well after I’d passed that phase, all but this one skirt was given away. I just love it, I’ve skipped some summers on wearing it but it is always here. The material hasn’t thinned, there are no ripps and it still lays perfectly on my figure. I probably will have it forever too!

I know, I’m dramatic with clothing, BUT that’s just me. When I like something EVERYONE WILL KNOW, ha ha.

Do you have any clothing or items you just can’t bear to part with? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear…

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet!😊


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    You are not kidding, that skirt fits you like a glove. Perfection. Love the embroidered details and the lacy layers, So pretty. Has such a carefree, free-spirit feel to it. I recently broke out my often forgotten denim jacket. It was like saying hello to a dear old friend. Really need to say hello to it more frequently. It is soft and worn and comfortable.

    Love this whole outfit…maybe because it feels familiar to me, like something I would wear. If I could get my hips into that darling skirt!

  • Kristin

    Love this! I love how you remember each piece with fond memories. I tend to get rid of clothes often. But we all have our favorites that we can’t let go of! And cotton skirts and denim jackets are THE best!

    • Shugunna

      Yes, lol I often wonder about my attachments, if they mean WAY more then I’m willing to admit… but, yes cotton skirts and denim jackets are the best go to. I use to wear a baseball hat with it too, that’s the country girl in me. Thanks Kristin!

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