Art and Style #4

“Fashion changes, but style endures.”
Coco Chanel

Hello Nzuri!

I hope our Friday is going well, just to know it’s the weekend is exciting enough for me… This weeks OOTD was inspired by Daenel’s picture she’d taken for #StyleImitatingArt for this week. The picture is posted below and was taken from @LivingOutsideTheStacks

Daenel @LIvingOutsideTheStacks

Daenel is such a talented lady! If you happen to visit her website , you’ll get to see so many creative art pieces just from May alone.

Going back to the art piece inspiration which is almost like a 3d perception. I thought of so many beautiful and creative ideas for this challenge. Yet, I went with the obvious which was the deep pink and I paired it with my greyish/blue linen wide leg pants. Both as apparel were light and really refreshing to wear to work and afterwards to baby girl’s favorite spot now, the park. I changed into some comfortable flops and I was ready to go.

I’d originally sent Daenel a picture for the SIA challenge taken earlier that morning; but when I looked at the lighting it didn’t seem to really show off the brilliant color to this blouse which was just purchased from JcPenney this spring. So I decided to take more outside later after work. I really can tell a difference in the setting and exposure now, it really is in the lighting.

I love love love love linen pants, they just give such a light summery look to whatever you’re trying to create; especially the white linen (going to purchase a pair real soon). These particular pants were purchased from New York and Company about a year ago. This was my first time wearing them, do to the fact that they needed to be hemmed to fit my height. They were so long on me. I know, why didn’t I get the petite right? I didn’t want to wait for them to order AND the key phrase is “SALE”. I purchased these at less then half the original price, wasn’t really sure if they’d hold to the sale price if I’d ordered them or not! They were coming home with me and we’d worry about the length later, ha, ha.

All in all, I only had about 2.5 inches taken off, as I wanted to keep the pant length over the heel, which gives a look of sleek and polished. Now without my 3.75 inch heels (my nude go-to), I wouldn’t have been able to get the look I was hoping for but it all came together.

Tell me, what do you think nzuri? What colors would you have pulled out of Daenel’s colorful piece of art? I’d love to hear.

Until next time nzuri, thank you for coming to my corner of the internet; always appreciated!! Have a lovely weekend…


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