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Style Imitating Art #3

Hello nzuri!

I decided to take the SIA challenge again this week joining @14ShadesofGrey, @Daenel with Living Outside the Stacks and Kim with Fierce Fashion.

The curator for this week’s image was hosted by Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey. This week’s inspiration is Suzuki Harunobu’s woodblock print “Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night“, and there are a variety of wonderful interpretations on her blog. You should swing over and check them out!

Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night by Suzuki Harunobu {Public Domain}

The Interpretation:

Initially I’d gone with my lace black and nude dress purchased years ago from Target. The black and beige were my focus from the picture, with the lantern and blooming petals from the tree with earthy tones. The lady looks so elegant in the picture, so I envisioned evening attire.

Then after taking the original pictures, I’d remembered another fancier dress that I’d purchased from New York and Company Gabriel Union Collection/brand.

The black and gold pattern is very different, I felt like the lace up dress above was elegant and fit the theme but the gold leaves and textured material in the dress below was a better representation of what I was going for and the pockets are wonderful too!

My Met Gala look!

The midi dress is a little long on me but when I put the 3.5 inch heels on, also purchased from #iamnyandco, it appeared to stretch me out a bit. The structure and silhouette in this dress is spot on, perfect A-line.

Now, I didn’t choose this dress originally because I was worried how it would look do to the weight of the material and glossy overtone for a spring piece; plus my husband liked the first one #more. Yet in the art piece the kimono has the look of layered materials and I envisioned the material to possibly be a rich satin texture. So after overthinking too much, it was simple, just post both dresses of my interpretation and move on; what would it hurt, right…

Tell me, what do you think, which would you have chosen?

Thanks nzuri for stopping by my corner of the internet!!