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Neighborhood Coffee Shop Please…

Hello nzuri!

Thoughtful Tuesday is in effect.

Last week I happened to be in the neighboring city of Highland, IN and stumbled upon a quaint little consignment store and coffee shop! Remember in the 90’s and early 20’s these little homey coffee stops were really popular, they were everywhere. Then came the bigger more social/techno coffee shops like Starbucks, Panera Breads and even McDonalds started making specialty coffees with wifi to add.

Very comfortable, the colors grabbed me…

But nothing can replace nostalgia, the feeling of being inside familiarity that’s what the little coffee shops did for me back then and when I walked in there last week. As I’ve metioned in previous post, I’m from the south and these little shops always make me feel like home.

I’ve been up north since I was 15, so I can recall missing the southern decor, hospitality and friendliness upon arriving in the city. Then we moved to Indiana. I’d started seeing these little places and there connections to the community it made me a little more at ease and accepting of that final move.

The art on the walls are beautiful and very creative

When I first walked into the cafe there were not many people, but the couple of tables that were occupied with individuals seemed to be really enjoying the food and each other; the doors were open so you could hear their laughter way before entering the shop. I love that, it was inviting.

I didn’t try the deserts on this trip but next time; guaranteed!

Along time ago my husband and I were into teas, we might have to revisit that interest…
Sip Coffe Shop House 2

2815 Jewett Avenue, Highland, Lake County, Indiana 46322

Good customer service, from observation; they looked as though they wanted to be there!

All in all the coffee was very good and these days the typical price of a small cup. I didn’t get a chance to eat yet the food that I saw on the patron’s plate looked delicious. I will have to stop for lunch next time I’m in the area with babygirl, she’ll love it! Anywho, thought I’d share!

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet; take care!


  • Arnetta Lane

    I love little homey coffee shops even though I don’t really drink coffee much. I love the atmosphere more than the coffee, lol! Sometimes I like to go and write and have a cup of coffee when I don’t want to write at home. This was a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing. When I was in Europe the coffee was delicious so I have somewhat of a better appreciation for it 🤗

    • Shugunna

      Yes. The atmosphere is really the attraction for me although in the last several years I’ve become an advit coffee drinker lol. Thanks Arnetta for coming over!

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