For My Mothers on Mother’s Day…

Hello Nzuri!

I know it’s early but I don’t plan on posting this weekend for Mother’s day as I plan on enjoying it myself as well, so I decided to post an early dedication instead.

What you see below was written awhile back but I decided to post on my blog as a rededication to the moms in my life; both are so special to me!!

My mom in her late 30s

As a child my mom was for me, my everything. Not just because she took care and nurtured me and my brothers but because she gave her everything with having nothing.

My mom’s biological mother passed when she was 4, so her and her siblings were passed around to multiple family members and although they showed her love; she said it was nothing compared to what she’d come to know it as it was or should be until her own children.

My mom wore so many hats and filled so many shoes it’s hard to believe she still has her sanity! She’s mom-Dian, my sister, my best friend and confidant.

Mama A with baby Aaron!!

My Mother N-Love since day 1, has been my DAY 1. My ride or die, ready to fight my battles or lol fight my enemies with me no matter the cost(code:M-N-love)!

Mama A has on many occasions reminded me of my worth and beauty and with a gentle hand has guided me when my path seemed unsure, a little shakey and lol, frankly a little questionable….

Mother in-loves favorite color is purple!!

I appreciate and adore her for being that light for me when I said “everything was dark and wrong in my world” at a point in my life that didn’t make sense. She took the time to point out everything that did make sense and was so patient, words can’t even explain how much she means to me!!

One mother from birth with love and another mother joined by love, they both are so beautiful, strong, brave, intelligent and caring; I aspire to be them when I grow up!! Loving their children for who they are, not what they’d like for them to be.

This is my early mother’s day dedication to some heroic women..I love them…

And to you my readers I say Happy Mother’s Day!! Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend!!!


    • Shugunna

      Hello Mica, I did have a wonderful weekend and I wish the same for you as well!! I will be heading over for the link up; thank you.

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