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Hello Nzuri!

I’ve happily accepted the opportunity to join the fabulous women with Ageless Style Linkup, a group of 10 women whom get together on the first Tuesday of each month where they showcase 1 theme; anyway they please. I am honored to join such a great group of ladies and looking forward to having some fun while learning new things at the same time…

Me behaving like a child, over what to wear with my OOTD; accessory fit..LOL!!!

Now, of course on my first linkup with the ladies the theme had to be one of my personal challenges, accessories! Yes, I’ve always told anyone whom asked me about jewelry or belts etc. that I am accessory challenged when it comes to those items. Just to note, I believe these items are lovely when well placed with an outfit; I have a couple of aunties whom can rock any accessory; unfortunately that trait wasn’t handed down to me and I am OK with that.

So if you’ve noticed a lot of my outfits do not include much jewelry (simple or very less) or belts; just the basics. So for this theme, I chose to go with and without the belt to show how each looks. I also wore a little extra with jewelry to make it noticeable. I also included a tote in the pictures as well, you will not see a lot of my purses in my pictures; not sure why I omit them!

I love earrings but you want see many different pairs on the blog. I don’t have too many necklaces in my possession as I am allergic to certain ones so you’ll see a single strain or if you see something glamourous it was gifted and I only had it on for a minute! I have an assortment of bracelets but I tend to only wear a couple, I have several watches yet I only wear certain ones as my body will drain the battery rather quickly; yeah I don’t understand that either but it is a thing. Now, I have many shoes and purses so those accessories tend to play out a lot!

Thank goodness my shoes had a little bling to them with this outfit, love shoes!!! The OOTD was inspired by the weather we were having, it was very warm and I really like to have my shoulders, arms and back out when its warm out. This romantic-ruffled blouse is from last spring purchased at New York and Company (yeah, they take all my little money), I went a size larger because I again like for my blouses to have a certain hang to them. The joggers were purchased at JcPenney for a steal (only $5.00 clearance last spring) and my shoes were purchased from TJMaxxx/Marshalls store a couple of years ago, they are so comfortable. They are made out of denim with a leather trim (I’m not sure if the pictures do them any justice, they are really nice in person) also I typically don’t do wedges but these were a must have.

Now to the other ladies on our team, their links are listed below, go over and check out how they accessorize!

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Ok, now lets see how you interpret the accessories theme, are you accessory challenged or do you rock it out? Show me in the Ageless Style Linkup, looking forward to seeing what you can do!!

Until next time nzuri, thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet!

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  • Nancy

    Fabulous shoes! I don t wear much accessories too but more and more since I die a collaboration with other bloggers! The theme also was accessories and I got all the way! It was fun!

  • jodie filogomo

    Another pair of fabulous shoes for such a great price. You are a shoe shopping queen!!
    And I love the bracelet…’s such a gorgeous piece.
    Thanks for being part of our group!! It’s the best thing to have many perspectives about a theme!!

    • Shugunna

      Thanks Jodie, I do love shoes! I am looking forward to visiting everyone to see their perspective on the theme as well!!

  • Neti

    Visiting from Jodie’s blog and you look Comfy & Chic in this outfit. I’m with you on accessories and also love to shop at JCP. I will be back to read more. . .

  • Daenel T.

    Yay! I’m so happy you joined us!!

    That top is so cute. I used to not be into necklaces, but we had to wear ID badges at my last job, so I started looking for pretty lanyards and my necklace collection grew. I started wearing tons of bracelets when I started doing my coffee pictures, but I’ve noticed that lately I wear the same bracelets every day. I need to fix that.

    And, ummmm, yeah, those shoes are fabulous.

    • Shugunna

      Thanks Daenel, I’m happy I joined as well. I use to stress out over accessories then I just said basics are good too, gotta start some where right! Also, I really like your coffee pictures, there so unique!!

  • Taunya Bryant

    Loved this post and you looked great! Wish I had something like this near me! I am one who is allergic to EVERYTHING! MY husband tells me all the time I should live in a bubble. I’m a Paparazzi Consultant and i sell nickel and lead free jewelry. Up until I discovered Paparazzi I didn’t wear jewelry really. The best part is it’s just $5!! Please share my website with your new ladies friends, maybe you or them could find some pieces to accentuate your OOTD!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Have been away from home caring for my mom in Kentucky where my Internet connectivity and time were very limited. Glad to have mom feeling better and to be back home so I can catch up.

    Love this look. My favorite part is the ruffle on that darling sleeveless top and those shoes!! Great way to add accessories without wearing jewelry. My daughter has a similar issue. As a baby girl, we had her ears pierced and she could wear 18K gold but when we tried to put jewelry of any other metal on her, she would get a rash and her ears, or wrists or neck would get feverish and red. Even nickel free and leather irritate her.

    • Shugunna

      Hi Leslie, I’m glad your mom is better! Yes. My skin is so intense that I too have to be careful with certain jewelry as well. Thank you for stopping by…

  • Deborah Stinedurf

    I love that top! The details are fabulous and the color is beautiful. I’m like you, for some reason I don’t often feature my purses. For me though, I think it’s because I’m lazy and don’t often change my bag to match my outfit…lol! Lately though I’ve been carrying a larger wallet/wristlet that fits my phone and I have a bunch so I have been featuring those. Welcome aboard, we’re happy to have you in our group!

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Deborah, I’m happy to be a part of the team! I am currently looking for wristlets for the summer, they are so carefree, love them.

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