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Hello nzuri!

Up until I’d gotten to a certain age I always wondered whom I looked like. I didn’t have my mother’s lean nose, her curly hair at the time (before she started with the perms) nor her beautiful pearly white, straight teeth. I didn’t have my father’s deep complexion or his hair texture as my hair color was a dirty looking sandy brown (I wish I could get that color back now) nothing like either parents.

My father, Nathaniel a.k.a Nay to me… He told me he colors his hair now, he is hilarious!!

Why this bothered me so much, I’m not really sure but it did and I never got substantial answers back then.

Most individuals in my family including my mom stated I looked like her. Granted there are some resemblance but to me none that satisfied my curiosity.

My mother was one of the most gorgeous women I’d known growing up and I wanted to look just like her!! I know to many of us our mothers are flawless but really she was to me as a child, THE QUEEN. Seeing all the attention she would get from men and women when she’d walk in a room was beyond mind blowing for me, Lol, made me think at times was I really her daughter. Then I’d come to my senses and ask why would a 15 an a half year old take on someone else’s child; crazy stuff right… Anywho…

My father wasn’t really stable or involved in my younger life or some of my adult life at that, so I was never told much about his mother or father as a child nor shown pictures to make some other type of connection. I knew some of his family from going down the road to my great grandmother’s house, where I would see my uncles and aunts while the others I’d assume were cousins. To be honest with you many of those supposed cousins were assumed until my father, once we reconnected, confirmed that they were actual family members and how they connected.

Dorothy May Gipson…

So remember about a month ago my father’s brother, June Papa, passed and we went back to Mississippi for the funeral. Well my father had a package of pictures and other memorable items waiting for me. One of them was a picture of his mother, Ms. Dorothy May Gipson. When I saw this picture there was NO denying that I was her granddaughter! If you could have seen my face, yes there were some tears, yet there was my connection. This lady I’d never met looked like me, it was such a wonderful feeling knowing I could see myself in my family. Since then I’ve shared this picture with everyone in my excitement, now my mom is still convinced I look like her but thats just a mother for you! Always and forever her stamp…

The family wall was inspired by my mother in-love, she has no idea what an influence her and my extended family have on me. I simply adore them. Anyway, when you walk into my mother in-loves home the spirit of their ancestors resonates everywhere. There are so many beautifully placed pictures throughout their home, it’s just awe inspiring. My daughter can look in any direction and find some connection which makes me happy! Now, like my mother, I believe the youngest daughter looks just like me but at least she want have to guess or wonder about her features…

I have a couple of walls in my family room dedicated to both Aaron and my family/ancestors that are known right now, I’m sure there will be more added; yet for now its coming together.

Maybe I can see if my mother in-love will let me take some pictures of her wall to place on the blog one day.

WordPress Free Pictures Library from Pixels…

I’m sharing this because so many of us grow up not knowing our history be it that there are missing parents or uninvolved relatives; whatever the circumstances it creates gaps in our children’s lives. Our history and our make up, is so important and my hope is that our generation sees this important piece and do better.

Have you ever wondered about your features or questioned your looks? Tell me about it… I’d love to hear.

Until next time nzuri, thanks for coming over to my corner of the internet!!


  • Nancy

    What a lovely personal story! And what a beautiful woman your mother is! She could be your sister! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    What a beautiful piece. You have, indeed, found your look-alike! And what a lovely lady Miss Dorothy Mae Gipson was. She had such a great look. And just judging from the way she is looking right into the camera, I bet she might have had a strong spirit and sense of fun, too.

    My youngest daughter used to ask me every night at the dinner table to recite where our ancestors were from. At the time, long before Ancestry and DNA tests, I would say we were from France, Germany, Ireland, England, Scotland, and on her father’s side, Panama. Lo and behold, once we were able to do DNA testing, we are mostly English (boring) with a tiny bit of the others and Ethiopian mixed in. Lauren is still very interested in our heritage and has such an exotic, ‘different’ look that it has been hard to figure out who she looks like. Her sister looks more like their dad. As she has grown older, now in her 30s, folks say she looks something like me…which I really don’t see at all…but oh, how I am honored!!

    Thank you for sharing the photos of your family, the story behind your journey to find out who you look like.

    • Shugunna

      Thank you Leslie. I am considering taking a DNA test as well just to get some more in depth information on my origin. I like Lauren am very interested in learning so much more so that I can share, like you did with your babies, my heritage and hopefully get the same reaction from my daughter to want to learn more. Thanks for sharing your story as well Leslie!!

  • Kristin

    What a wonderful post! I can feel the emotions—both of not knowing much about your family’s history but also the discovery of Dorothy Mae Gipson and how much you two look alike. But for the record I see both your Mother and Father in you! You have his nose but look a lot like your Mother as well!

    Growing up I never really knew if I looked more like my Mom or my Dad. It turns out I looked a LOT like my Dad but as I get older I look more like my Mom.

    I also love your picture wall. I hope you get to share pics of you Mother In-Love’s wall too.

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