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Date Night!

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.- Maya Angelou

Hello nzuri!

While on spring break from blog, my husband and I went on a well overdue and deserved date night. We made it into a big ordeal, we worked out together first, lol, to build up our appetite then we ended it with dinner at a new restaurant in a nearby town.

Ever protecting stance.. lol

Yes, we are eaters; my husband said this is what made him fall for me because on our first date I didn’t order a salad!

Lol, yes I’m a burger and fries lady baby, all the way!! When he tells the story, I gobbled it all down in one minute, he’s hilarious, claims it showed him I was authentic, not phony and a keeper. He appreciated my appetite then and now.

Anyway, we dined at a place called Kitaro Surf & Turf & Sushi; it was amazing. The ambiance and style of restaurant was serene and the food with wine was great; our waiter was knowledgable and so helpful!

Octopus unbreaded, very good!!

I must say my husband is the one whom normally does the research on places that we patronize and does a great job at that, he is very thoughtful. This wasn’t something he always enjoyed thou!

When we first started dating he hated higher end restaurants, as he was always HUNGRY after we’d finished eating, said they never gave him enough food; man when I tell you we would have to go to a Burger King or Checkers or McDonald’s afterwards, I’m not kidding, it was nerve racking!!!

Lobster is my favorite!!

Yet, we are older now, he actually will look at the menu to the potential venue before we go to make his choice of food before arrival, lol to make sure he will get full and give me a drinking limit, 😶 yeah I KNOW, like I’d comply!!

Outfit totally New York and Company!!

Anyhow, we do our datenight when we can, with no pressure, yeah it’s essential and vital to our relationship.

Boots from DSW!!

No matter if you’re married or not, keeping a connection with your partner is not only essential it’s vital! So often we take for granted our current state of relationships and our partners, yes we get comfortable and complacent, yet think about what you fell in love with. It was those little things such as inopportune flirting, spontaneous hand rubs with gentle touches, unexpected embraced glances, words of care with intense kindness, planned time alone and innate intimacy. Yes, things and situations change, but If you don’t maintain that intimate relationship it can change your perception of each other and sometimes not for the better. In marriage you often experience a downtime, where you and your spouse are considerably friends but even in that space there is an acknowledgment of what was and even what will be…

My husband…

Datenight or reconnect night or whatever you want to call it is important because it really governs your ability to maintain a positive and harmonious connection with your partner.

I love this man… He wasn’t impressed with the soup!!! Lol

I’ve learned that in this lifetime nothing is for sure, so be sure to show those you love that you’re all in 100% and that they matter the most, they are important no matter what!! I love my husband and I want to be able to make sure he knows that, forever no matter what…

Until next time nzuri, thanks for coming over to my corner of the internet!


  • Nancy

    I love date nights like that! We love food too!😀😀 And it is very important to have some time like that together!

  • Daenel T.

    Such a beautiful couple. Love the pictures and y’alls history. LOL at your husband, mine is the same way, we’ll go out to dinner, come home and he’ll make a sandwich. What’s with them? LOL

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Sweet post. It is important to keep those sparks kindled. We have regular date nights for that reason. And to try to keep from falling into a rut.

    Love your top…sweater? scarf? I can’t tell exactly what it is but I like the off-the-shoulder feature. I am sure your Mr. was most impressed.

    The restaurant was charming. Cozy and chic. And that lobster tail has my mouth watering. Hope you enjoyed every morsel.

    • Shugunna

      Thanks Leslie for commenting. I think it’s really great to do these times alone regularly because as you state you do fall in a rut and sometimes it’s hard to recoup from it. The outfit was a combination of scarf and cold shoulder sweater, I’m a late bloomer as I just started liking this style of blouse.
      That lobster was very good and plenty!! My husband doesn’t like to go to a restaurant twice in a row BUT I believe we’ll be going back here really soon!!

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