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Spring Things To Do List

Happy Spring Nzuri!

This post was inspired by a blog I’d recently visited on Spring Bucket lists @ it’s a lovely post and it got me to thinking about what I’d like to do for spring. Maybe I’ll actually stick to doing something if I commit myself to a list.

So my spring “to do” bucket list is as follows:


Take a long peaceful walk , try not to make it about just exercising but about being able to just do so. Really live in the moment of seeing nature take its course and the pure joy of being able to visually capture the beauty.


Declutter the extra closet in my son’s room. My son made his first official move out of the home a couple of months ago by signing a year lease with his girlfriend and although he’d taken a majority of his stuff; the closet space is a mess!


Continue to work on the backyard. Our backyard had been neglected for quit sometime after my daughter left, it just seemed to be too much for us at the time. Although we started the initial cleanup last summer with getting the over grown trees and bushes cleared, we still have a destroyed pool and damaged patio that needs to be broken down and taken away. Definitely a lot of work to be done on a shoestring budget. I’ve promised myself not to stress over how much gets done YET to continue the process until we’ve completed it all.


Actually plant some flowers with my daughter. Each year since she’s been able to pick out flowers we’ve gotten a flower pot for front porch or hanging plant basket or something to that affect but she is always talking about we should plant a garden. So this spring we will attempt to do something to that effect in the front yard, nothing elaborate but we will try something.

To be completely honest, I really am not a fan of digging in dirt. Although when I was younger it was my favorite past time, lol, I loved the dirt when we lived in Mississippi; the soil just seemed clean or maybe it was just me not thinking about what could be there, like ANTS… We shall see…


Purchase one new piece of furniture just to get an updated feel in my now family room which was the son’s bedroom. Yes, we’ve moved in there BUT there’s always a bed for My Vant!! When he comes by to just nap or decompress, I always have to remind babygirl that it really is still his room when he closes the door but that we can barrow it while he’s away! She still makes a face but ultimately she understands.


Babygirl is on spring break all next week, I will be on spring break with her! So, I will not be posting on the blog for the entire week, taking a creative break to continue to create memorable moments with my family.

Until next time nzuri, what is your Spring To Do list! As always, thanks for coming over to my corner of the internet…


  • Christie Hawkes

    What a delightful list, Shugunna, and I love your photos. Just beautiful! I hope you are enjoying your week off with the little one. Happy spring!


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, my, I am thrilled that you found my blog and joined us for this series. May I add you to the email group so you receive the link-up codes for our bucket list posts? If so, my email is Please let me know!

    This is a lovely post. Your graphics, photos are stunning. I will be adding your blog to my Bloglovin’ feed. Just reading your post was such a pleasant experience because it is so pretty!

    I have our master bedroom spring cleaned…does that sound right? I have spring cleaned our bedroom. Better? But now I am moving into my craft space which is a big clutter of scrapbook paper, stamping supplies, embellishments, books, and lots of nick-knacks. I don’t know where to begin in there because it is hard for me to part with any of that stuff. Good luck with your son’s closet. Maybe you could pack up some of his clothes into Rubber Maid bins until he needs them?

    Are these photos from your home? I love the hanging buckets, the den photo…so cozy…the flowers and garden tins. And of course, baby girl is a little doll. Just bought my 3 year old grand a tricycle but her legs are too short to pedal yet.

    Thank you again for joining us, for sharing a bit about your life, and for the kind mention.

    • Shugunna

      Hello Leslie, thank you for dropping bye! I loved the link up! I have to admit that in this post my daughter’s picture is the only photo I took, the others are WordPress free uploads (I think next time I’ll reference, lol, lessons learned right); I love the photos also & I wish my family room was that big!! It would seem you have gotten your spring cleaning to do off to a good start, good luck with your craft room; it’s hard for me to part with certain things too. Yes, the bin idea is a good one; don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I will subscribe as well, thanks again!

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