Headed Home…

Hello nzuri.

This weekend I’ll be heading home to Mississippi, my hometown of Panther Burn and I wish it was on a more happier journey. Last week my uncle passed away from cancer, he is my father’s brother and one of my dearest cousin’s father.

Willie Dixon Jr aka “June Papa” ,”Mr. Badass”

As a small child growing up, my uncle June was a constant when my father wasn’t around. I’ve shared this on many occasions with friends how I’d stay over at my cousin’s home and he would be the joke of the night, how he drove our local school bus and always greeted me with this huge smile. June taught me how to fight to a degree of boxing (what a lesson) and the occasional charging us girls for gas when we got older to take us places; responsibility (you have to pay to play, lol). June Papa was a man of few words but when he spoke you listened! He wasn’t flashy or liked big crowds but everyone knew him and respected his opinions. He always wore a leather jacket, nice ironed shirt with blue jeans; his staple look.

My cousin Sheila was is ride or die!! You see June you see Sheila…

As I moved from place to place with my mom at the age of 12 and again at 14, I didn’t get to spend as much time with him but he always remained one of my favorites in my world of aunties and uncles. When I would come home on occasions I’d see him in small doses and he always made me feel loved, always. Even in our last couple of conversations recently, he made me feel special.

I love you June!

Until next time nzuri, take care.


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