Trying Something New…

Hello nzuri!

This year my husband and I decided we wanted to try something new with our eatting habits and weekly meals, we’re attempting to be more health conscious with what goes in our bodies. Is this a challenge, YES, but we are taking baby steps.

My daughter’s creation, the peanut heart she said!

So we are trying a couple of fresh meal kit deliveries, in which sends all the ingredients with menus on how to prepare the meals to your home. So far we’ve tried Sun Basket and are now working on Hello Fresh, each has there own take on healthy hearty meals.

I must say at first when I started pulling out all the ingredients it seemed overwhelming and that it would be too time consuming, yet when we started preparing, laughing and enjoying the process it started to feel less task oriented.

My husband and baby girl assisted me a lot, as you can see they are really into getting those turkey meatballs perfect!

My husband will follow a recipe to the T!

This particular meal came from the Sun Basket box just for that week, Ginger Turkey Meatballs in lemongrass broth with cauliflower rice, by the way packaging was great and all the food was very fresh, no issues there. Their meals come with a little visual magazine on what should’ve been in your bag, items needed from your pantry, tools and prep + cooking instructions.

They also offer great suggestions on how to get children involved with the cooking, for example having them strip the mint leaves, crush the cashews, measuring water and garnishing; all really simple. Oh and if you’re into wine, like I am, they have suggestions on what to pair with each meal!

Our finished product!

I thought it was delicious!! Now, my family on the other hand just liked the Turkey meatballs, which were really good. There were 3 other meals as well, a soup, sandwich meal and a salad with glass noodles. Overall, I believe the meals to be very good and flavorful; I would order from them again.

We loved, the entire family!
My husband prepped to complete but meat had gone bad for this one, must cook within the 5 days of delivery, instructions said.
Chicken was excellent! I really liked the noodles…

This week we are doing the Hellofresh box, so I will have to get back with you on those results, so far so good though!

Tell me what you think, have you tried these meal delivery options? I’d like to know. Until next time nzuri, thanks for coming over to my corner of the internet!!


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