Black Angel…

Hi nzuri!!

Whose never wanted to use this title!! Lol, yes it just came to me and it made me laugh out so loudly that I couldn’t control myself. Even as I was snapping the pictures I was thinking about the title, I know, so many issues and opportunities!!

I was actually thinking about naming it “Wakanda Forever ” but it didn’t strike me as appealing enough… Although I really liked the Black Panther movie and the designs. Did you see they won an Oscar for wardrobe designs? Awesome right… I really loved everything about the movie, really good.

I’m posting earlier than Thursday this week because I have to go out of town for a business training and I wouldn’t be able to focus on both blog and work so, here we are!

Again!! I crack myself up…

This is a couple years old but a great staple piece in my rotation of little black dresses. I’d purchased from an online retailer called Joyus but since purchasing they’ve changed their entire marketing focus from women’s clothing and accessories to other specialty products, which is sad, because I really liked the different clothing, shoes and other accessory brands they were introducing throughout their site.

Can you see that I am starting to glisten? Lol no, I started sweating, thought I was going to fall the ****out! Lol

The faux leather black dress has a hidden zipper in the back, it feels so soft to th touch, it really is like butter. But when I tell you this is really warm, it really is! As you can see I was in the house and boy did it get warm… Of course you’ve seen my nude shoes all over the blog, I REALLY LIKE THEM!

My son chose the featured picture, said I look like a BOSS! Lol…

What do you think beautiful? Own your inner boss, it is essential…Thank you for stopping by nzuri, until next time! Take care.


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