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Classy Sweater Dress…

Hello nzuri!

I love the sweater dress look but I can’t tell you that I have many in my wardrobe. As I look and look every fall/winter season believing I’ll find something that I haven’t seen before! So I have maybe 2, but they are so convenient…

This dress was a nice find, I purchased it a few years back from Macy’s department store, each winter when I pull it out there is a newness to it and a different way of styling the look! This time I thought hair up, leather belt, fishnets and a pop of color with my heels would be nice!

I’m digging it!

Michael Jackson zippers on the shoulders, makes me want to dance! Lol
Fishnet stockings, that’s all I gotta say…
Aldo Heels, love the neon green !

Tell me what you think?

Thanks for stopping by, until next time nzuri, stay safe!


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