Cold Shoulders…

Hi Nzuri!

I took these pictures this past Sunday, the weather was very nice, the snow was melting and it was just a wonderful day to be out.

I purchased this creamy, speckled, cold shoulder sweater from New York and Company (#iamnyandco) last spring but I’ve only worn it twice. I debated if I liked the way it layed on my upper arms; which look pretty big and obvious. Once I got past those initial thoughts I wore it one dress down Friday and got many compliments. We tend to overthink things, don’t we?

The distressed white jeans are from Jcpenney and the peep toe booties are a couple years old but I’d purchased from JustFab.

Tell me what you think !

What is that in the tree?! Lol, nothing it was nothing but the picture makes you look…

Why is she throwing slushy snow at me?!

Until next time nzuri, thanks for coming over!


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