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Why I blog?

Hello Nzuri!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, ours was filled with snow and cold yet a chance to snuggle and play (ha, you see how I played on those words, not intentional lol)!!

Anyway I’d decided to feature this Aztec cardigan I’d purchased well over 4 years ago, although it is very old, it reminded me of when I’d started the first blog and how enthusiastic I was to be doing something out of the ordinary for me.

Initially I was looking to do something uncomfortable and unfamiliar totally outside of my everyday routine. I remember telling all my co-workers and friends about what I was doing and many looking at me like I was insane. I’d started posting a lot of the pictures on facebook as well, you know in hopes that my family and additional friends would join me in my excitement, well needless to say that didn’t happen. In the end it was my immediate family that didn’t seem to take an interest in what I was doing which was fine yet I expected more. A lot of my decisions were inspired after I’d lost my 16 year old daughter about 4 years prior, another conversation maybe in another post, but when she was here I’d tell her how I wanted to inspire young girls. I wanted to teach them that we ladies could do whatever we’d put our mind to. I’d tell her about entrepreneurship and how maybe I could go into the schools to do a class on that or you know anything that would teach empowerment over their lives. Her response would always be, “just do it MA, just do it” (like a Nike commercial) yet I’d always come up with excuses not to move forward with any ideas. So after Dori left… I can never bring myself to say the other words….. Something changed in me, not all bad but something had awaken, mind you it wasn’t all good either; yet I gained some courage in my grieving process. I started saying “yes” to many things that I’d normally would have said a hard NO. So when the blogging idea came to mind, I thought why not.

What messed me up was I started off trying to figure out how to monetize my blog right away, reading post about it, looking into ads to place on my pages, looking for ways to enlist brands, trying to see how to get it quick; you know in it for the wrong reason! Eventually, this way just didn’t work, it wasn’t as fun as initially so I stopped blogging, for whatever reason I’d blamed it on at the time; I just stopped.

Lesson learned: nothing comes easy, hard work is ok and sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need at that time!

This past weekend there was a blogger whom contacted me via email in regards to a project she was starting and it sounds like a great opportunity. She’d asked me the question “Why do you blog, what are your intentions for the blog?” I initially gave her all the right answers, I thought: to inspire others to be themselves and own their styles, encourage young women to see their own beauty, etc. Which are some of the major reasons I started back, but as I start to think more on the subject, I blog because I simply like it! I love putting together the outfits and writing the post, I love that I can show me and what I like to wear which is totally down played sometimes by myself; yet I LOVE IT. I do want to reach other women to show them that it doesn’t matter about todays or yesterdays ideals of what a woman should look like, i.e. height, size, color and/or shape; we are today’s woman and we are what they should look like!!!! I love to express myself and on this site I get to do that in my own words. I get to talk about whatever I’d like and you have the choice to stay or leave and that my NZURI is freedom of choice!! Would I like to work with brands, YES, but that will not be my main focus nor will I compromise my self worth to do so!

I can honestly say if Dori was here today, she’d be proud that I started to do what I said I would do in an honest effort. Side note: she would’ve been on the blog a lot more than me BUT she would’ve been proud of me.

So, back to the Aztec cardigan, I can’t tell you were it’s from, but it is one of my favorites and I do believe it is still stylish. I also still have those boots too, I got those from Burlington Coat Factory they are Timberlands, my only pair. I love these boots and they are so freaking comfortable; I only take them out the box deliberately once a year, right before it gets rainy or snow is on the ground.

My husband thought it would be cool to include some of my older pictures when I’d blogged so there are random pictures included below. Let me know what you think, thank you for stopping bye; keep in mind YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE!

Husband stated I was in the middle of the street like I was dealing!!! Like I owned the block, he got so many issues and opportunities!! But I’ll keep him.

I love comiecon, my husband dared me to post this one; calls me mommy nerd!
My husband loves this one, he loves that the butterflies are surrounding me! You see how tanned I had gotten!!


  • Daenel T.

    My prayers for you… I know Dori would be proud of you and what you’ve started.

    My sister gave me an Aztec print sweater like yours a few years back and I think one of my daughters may have “borrowed” it. I like the texture and the coziness of them. They also add a little funk to a basic tee and jeans outfit.

    Love the flashback pictures.

    • Shugunna

      Thank you, I’d like to think she is smiling this huge grin that she’d have in approval!! I also agree with the Aztec sweater adding a little funk to jeans and paired with a tee, it’s a cool look. Lol, those pictures, thank you!!

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