Me Day…

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.

– Jean Shinoda Bolen

Hello Nzuri!

Today I took a “Me Day”, to my employer it’s called a Personal Day and to my family it’s called a mental health day!

Regardless of what anyone calls them it’s a day that is earned and well deserved. Too many times we press forward without taking time out for ourselves, a sort of refresh button where we just focus on our well being; this doesn’t just apply to women but men need that time to themselves as well. I’d like to think I’m replenishing, refocusing and regenerating so that I can be the mom, wife, friend and employee that is needed. Now, sometimes it takes more than a day but regardless of how much time is needed, this should be done.

When I was in my 20’s and up into my mid 30’s I would treat myself to a full day of a movie, shopping, spa treatments and or dinner by myself. I found that when I took my time it made everything bearable and calm. In my early twenties I was married to my first husband, had my two oldest children as well as my two step children whom all were close in age and they were involved in so many things. I hardly had time to think let alone take care of myself. Until one day it was like a light bulb came on, I told my ex that I was not picking anyone up or dropping anyone off, he had to handle all the calls from school and I took off that entire day! It was that or a hospital!!

Since then, many things have changed: 2nd marriage, my maturity and life situations; yet I still take my time. My now husband is very supportive of me taking time for myself, at one time he’d find different spas for me to go for newer experiences! He would tell everyone in advance about only calling him if there was an emergency! It was so sweet. Now, we’ve condensed the day down but it still does the job.

God bless my stubby feet!

Now it’s a manipedi, lunch and maybe purchasing an item if I feel like shopping; it depends on my mood. Theres a lot of reflecting. I don’t do movies alone anymore as I really enjoy the experiance with my little one, she makes it exciting! Also, since she is the youngest at home now, I keep my phone close, again situations-circumstances have changed and its ok…

Fresh To Order- Blacken Lime Shrimp, so good!!

I also have to add that all my “me” time has to be done before school let’s out or the little one will require a manipedi too!! Lol!!

So, I encourage you all to take your “Me Day”, find something you like to do for you, guilt free; nourish your soul then move forward!

Thank you for stopping bye, until next time nzuri! Take care…

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