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Today’s Story…

Hello Nzuri!

Yes, these pictures tell it all! The day in a life of a blogger attempting to take a #good picture, lol while attempting to get to regular job, focus on posting good content and then just letting go!


I chose this blue cold shoulder sweater to wear today, there are little rhinestones on the neck and shoulder, nice and fitted. I paired it with the same colored pants I’d purchased from here, I love the monochromatic look with splashs of color hince the brown shawel wrap (old) that you can let hang or wrap (I prefer it to hang) and the tan boots from Macy’s Backstage outlet at our local mall. My hair started in a nice bun and my lip color was a little pinkish. I thought this would be good to put on the blog, nice color palette; so we rushed to get the pictures done. Now, I’m at work just flipping through the pictures to see what I can use, only one I got this one… I wasn’t content, so…


My hair is down, my lips are a shade darker, my purse has taken over my body and I just want some nice pictures. So I decided at that point maybe I’ll feature my camel wool coat and the boots, the coat is a Target buy from years ago but I think its still relevant! I love the large collar that can be pulled over my head if needed, the fit is spot on, the weight of it is wonderful; keeps me very warm. The photos didn’t take long, I figured just enough to show, you know 2 or 3 pictures, well… I started looking over the pictures, to my surprise my friend has added emojis to all the photos! She states, you weren’t smiling or looked like you were having fun, this should make you smile…… didn’t!


We’re home, hair is whatever, lipstick darker for some reason, coat and shawl tossed to the side, a glass of wine and here we are; lol BEST PICTURES EVER! Alive, laughing and loved…

Until next time Nzuri, thanks for stopping bye!