Beauty Product Results and more…

Hello Nzuri!

I’d almost forgotten about the beauty product I’ve been using since here and wanting to write a review on my 30 day trial. Forgive me it has been past the 30 days I’d promised but whose really counting anyway!

The results are good, the product is a no fuss application, fragrance free and gentle on my skin for the most part. The only exception came with the toner wipes, which started to make my eyes react some type of way? My left eye became somewhat irritated after about ten days of usage, so I discontinued that part of the regimen and only used the cleanser and moisturizer. Almost immediately after I stop using the wipes my eye felt normal again. I am still on the same box with a lot of product left!

My skin feels soft, not tight like usual and smoother, I even notice a shiner skin tone. If you notice my forehead there are tiny bumps that just appeared this past weekend, not from the product as no flare up happened with my skin, but I believe these bumps are do to something I shouldn’t have eaten; lol I knew better.

Quick side note on why the pictures are so close up! Last week I was talking to my husband about a picture concept I’d wanted to do. I’d taken a picture one morning when I’d awaken and felt like it was artsy or rather risqué (you know like something in one of those magazines; lol far from it thou). I was telling him what I wanted the picture to represent which was transparency, you know seeing what’s in front of you and being ok with it, yet I couldn’t figure out what looked good or just trashy!

He took a look at the picture and stated how good it was and that if I’d wanted to retake the picture until I felt comfortable with the project, I should. But I went on to tell him how difficult it was for me to go through all the pictures of myself for editing and having so many on my phone; it made me feel uncomfortable at times. He asked me why would looking at myself make me feel uneasy? I stumbled as I truly had no answer and frankly was completely thrown when he was waiting for me to respond, lol; another ah ha moment. I responded with uncertainty and this didn’t set well with him, now keep in mind my husband is 9 years younger than I yet he is one of the most intuitive people I know.

He simply stated, with ease, that maybe this is something you should think about and it would be a good subject to write on, especially if your goal is to be transparent with what you are trying to convey to your readers yet you question it for yourself. Blew me away!

Since that conversation I’ve been contemplating why it bothers me to look at myself or even take selfies without a purpose. I have so many pictures of my family on my phone or me with them that it will make your head spin, yet none that were taken from me of myself (until blog).

I have to admit to you, I have never been big on selfies or anyone taking picutres of themselves just because; I use to consider it vain. When my oldest daughter use to do it all the time, I would tell her that she should be more modest but she would always tell me that she just like playing with her phone. Well times and minds have changed, I’m glad she was ok with looking at herself, appreciating her beauty and not seeking approval from others. I’ve found it is ok to appreciate yourself and to see your beauty, hopefully inside and out! I’m learning at the age of 46 to see the value of my self worth in my simplest of form. As my girls have grown, I’ve always had them to look at themselves in the mirror and tell me what they like the most about their personality or body. LOL!! My girls have always been quick to peel off some serious answers!! But if you’d ever ask me, in the past, I would have to think because I’d never wanted to be seen as shallow.

Well appreciating your gifts and attributes are not shallow or vain its Nzuri N Simplicity, this is me with no filter! I have my father’s round face with the balanced nose and dark shades under my eyes, the 3 unannounced molds that developed on my face over several years ago, my mother’s thin defined eyebrows with her thin top and full bottom lip that bares her smile for which I love the most, my uneven skin tone and my sharp chin. My petite 4″11 statue with the build of muscular arms and legs that still bare the scares of a little tomboy, my ever evolving figure that with time after bearing 3 beautiful/adorable babies is still doing its thing and my beautiful head of locs (no dread HERE) so glad I made the big transition over 5 years ago, they are truly me… I appreciate it all. NO complaints and no regrets.

I challenge you to join me in celebrating who we are today and what God created as beautiful in every since of the word. Always appreciating the women we have grown to be and the women we are ever becoming.

Until next time nzuri, take care!

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