Hello Nzuri!

Beautiful snowy day! My daughter and I had an engagement today therefore we headed out in this weather, as you can see below she was so thrilled to be out side that as soon as I came out with the camera she wanted to hit me with a snowball!! She’s been waiting for this for quit sometime now, lol, she’s so predictable thou.

The light and dark grey with black camouflage rain jacket I’m wearing is from here, (I found a similar one here) I purchased it a couple of seasons ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I get so many compliments whenever I wear it. I like the lining in the jacket as it’s warm and the drawstring inside makes it more stylish to me; there is also a slit detail in the back that I forgot to include during our photo shoot. I can see this jacket as a dress if you’re really risky, with my forest green velvet leggings on, could you really tell a difference from jacket or dress?

I tossed in the green scarf to give it that pop! But, I really didn’t need to, yet as I stated before, I just love scarves. The ankle booties are a charcoal grey with the zipper located on the outside of the ankle, I purchased here, do to the snow I couldn’t get a clear picture of them, but please believe they are so nice and they hold up very well in the snowy/wet weather.

Today the natural light was on my side and I really like the way these pictures came out, again never giving up!

She makes it all so fun! Thanks for stopping by nzuri, until next time stay safe and take care.

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