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Hello Nzuri!

I must confess, I am a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to doing certain things for myself. Some examples: although I did go back and get my bachelors degree after 9 years from high school I was suppose to continue on for my masters-I told myself I needed a 6 month break and here we are 11 years later master less. I wrote two children books over 7 years ago and here we are still shelved. I started writing another book this past summer/got writers block and haven’t picked it up since August. I could name other projects I’ve started and haven’t seen all the way through or have just left to the weigh side yet I believe the point has been proven.

Seeing-believing-doing: I have to work really hard on keeping focused for the long haul, setting goals and taking action. Its funny because my daily job and expectations are very different for me, I am very task oriented where everything needs to completed before I can move to another project. With my clients, I literally have to see that there is movement with them finding jobs, keeping their employment and encouraging them to strive for more.. When it comes to my husband and the children, I’m their biggest cheerleader/advocate through their entire journey. It doesn’t matter what the desire is: writer, gymnast, cheerleader, teacher, eating healthier for my husband; you name it they can do it in my eyes!! I want nothing but success for them and I will do everything in my power to make sure that I can help them see what they can become or what they would like to achieve. So, with all that said; why can’t I want that for myself? Its interesting to read the aforementionedand not laugh, lol, yes soul searching on this journey #eye-opener.

Vision: Seeing the manifestation, believing in myself/my God/our universe and doing what it takes to get it done/moving; I’m sure will yield favorable results…

“You have to be vigorous.
That’s the only way you are going to get it because
everybody has dreams and everybody has goals,
but the only people who achieve them are the ones that
go after it and don’t take no for an answer.”
Nick Cannon

There was an ah ha moment which came when I was looking for a planner for work this past weekend, while shopping I was thinking about the look and feel of my blog and where I wanted it to go; then it dawned on me! Dah Shugunna!! This is work, this is your business right, so shouldn’t you be seeking resources to assist you with focusing on that too? So, with my overdramatic reaction, I grab the planner. Which it is my hopes that it will keep me focused, help with organizing my thoughts, subject matters for discussions, projects that I’d like to add to the blog, etc.

I had also recently spoken with one of my aunts about a vision board, she is one of the ones featured in my post here at the very bottom. Mrs. Geneva is a huge visionary and goal oriented person, I can bounce any ideas off of her and it’s off to the races! She’s a source to be reckoned with. She told me that every year she completes one and it helps her to stay focused and clear on what it is she is trying to accomplish in a year. My mother in-love told me that she’d done one over 4 years ago and she still had it over her desk as well, she explained how you place these pictures, colors, words in front of you to see everyday so that they help you to concentrate on what it is you’d like to achieve; health, spiritual growth, fitness. etc.

Although I’d heard about vision boards in the past, I’d never took the time to understood how they would help me, so I never completed one. Well new day, new age, additional focus (me)! The experience was eye opening, the creative flow that came out of me was wonderfully encouraging and inspiring to see! Every word, font, color, statement, image that I chose spoke to me and made me want to try to stay on track. Like I said in my previous post here, I don’t do resolutions yet I do keep trying and trying until I’ve reached my max. My determination is to do better this go around with the blog; better and better and better with ever tools, resources I can find.

My vision display is located inside the cover and front page of my planner. I’ve decided to place it on every electronic device I have as a screensaver, so it’s with me at all times.

Well, I hope this inspires you nzuri to go out there to see it, believe it, do it!!

I guess my daughter was inspired as well, after she asked me what I was doing, she decided to make her own vision board; it was hilarious! Never too young to dream…

Life is Nzuri! Thanks for stopping bye!!