He’s My Best Distraction!

Hello Nzuri! As you can see, I was photo bombed by my husband, he just wouldn’t stop… So, although he didn’t want me to post this picture, after I went through them all, this was the best one to me so; here we are and I love it. He’s so adorable, hence the title of my post. Yet, the subject is this wonderful sweater (yeah, that’s me as my oldest would say “RANDOM”)!

I’d recently purchased this sweater from one of the boutique stores in our local mall, I can’t remember the name right now yet it’s one of those items that when you walk in the door it states “I belong to you, Shu-gun-na buy me”, lol literally it said my name.

The color of this sweater is so vibrant that I can easily see marigold in the spring with a beautiful short skirt and peek-a-boo heels, in the summer on those breezy nights by a campfire, the fall with your most fashionable booties and in winter for those oh so cold nights in the snow.

The material is very light, soft and fluffy *not itchy at all, which is a plus for me because I can’t stand a rough sweater. I love the options to hang from my shoulders on either side all at once or a shoulder at a time or I can pull it all the way up for a more complete look or I can turn it around to give it a totally funky-urban transformation; I literally can’t wait to wear this with some jeans.

The back of the sweater has a huge twisted knot, which exposes most of my back; this little detail excites me as well (I included a picture below). To me this sweater is a staple piece added to my wardrobe, since getting older I really look at the quality of my clothing-longevity of the item, instead of the quantity in my position.

I decided to pair it with some wide leg red pants (purchased form JCPenny) to give it a more relaxed look for now, also because the colors POP together. Can you see how vibrant the look is as well? This outfit is sure to get attention, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I decided to calm the colors down with a pale clutch purse and a pair of nude heels BUT can you see the bottom of my shoes; completely mind blowing right!!! The leopard detail is on the inside and outside sole which is awesome, check out my flat-lay in the “Wish List” tab, it’s these shoes…I love them…

Well, tell me what you think, I appreciate all comments.. As always, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet, until next time nzuri, take care!