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Popping The Bubbly…

“Faith is why I’m here today and faith is why I believe I can achieve something in my life.” – Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Hello Nzuri!

I hope your holidays were wonderfully filled with family, friends and those whom truly mean you well. The title of my post really doesn’t fit what I am writing on but I thought it was fitting due to the new year and the traditional celebrations across the world on New Year’s Eve, oh and also my t-shirt; which is so comfortable.

Typically my family and I stay home and ring in the new year with movies, snacks, games and some relaxation. I believe we stepped out almost 3 years ago, it was ok but we all agreed that staying in was our thing; being with each other only and avoiding any outside situations. Of course, like life, this could change in the future but for right now; it suits us just fine.

I got the idea for the pictures from my t-shirt, I’m learning again, that content will be something I will need to focus on and coming up with different ideas could be challenging yet I’m going to just take it a moment at a time. I am really trying not to overthink anything this time (#faith) and simply have fun, because I really do enjoy writing and most of the pictures you are seeing have been with a member of my family supporting me, which is allowing me to share my dream/experience with them as well.

Yes, even my little girl has been taking pictures, adjusting my hair/clothing and telling me what looks “hot”; as she says regularly! (see below, she is too cute)

Finally, I do not believe in new year’s resolutions, yet I do believe in moving ahead and putting your words/plans into action. No matter if those plans didn’t work out the prior year, if the universe allows you to be here in the new year, there is obviously some work that still needs to be done by you. It could be community action, personal relationships unresolved or just your own self-care; we are all here for a reason and never forget that!

So, there will be no “popping the bubbly” for us, yet we will be together and that is all that matters! I wish you true love, happiness, your success and peace in the new year; may God keep you safe nzuri! Until next year!