Enjoying The Day!

Hello Nzuri!

I hope your day is as wonderful as mine! The weather is really great for mid-December here in Northwest Indiana and I am taking advantage of every bit of it.. I can’t believe we are a week away from Christmas and we have no snow or negative weather, it’s a blessing… Below you’ll find an outfit that makes me feel happy, it’s different and a little on the wild side. An acquaintance of mine had given me this lovely faux vest over a year ago, the different pattern is what excites me yet I could never think of what to wear with it as every time I’d paired it with certain apparel it seemed to make me look bulky. So I decided to see how it would look with black and I like the results!

As you can see in the collage, I’d originally paired the tattoo body suit with a leather skirt but as I was taking the pictures the wind was picking up and I wanted to feel the breeze on my legs; I did a quick change yet left the photo because the look still is great.

As I was editing for clarity, I noticed that the black and white photo looked flawless, yes, I’m patting myself on the back; this picture is wonderful!!! I love short skirts, no matter how old I get, there will always be a short skirt or dress in my wardrobe… You can see below I started to get a little cold, so the pictures came to an end but I’m still going out to enjoy the rest of my day!

Let me know what you think, until next time, stay nzuri! Shugunna

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